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Feb. 26, 2023, 10:13 p.m.

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Patrizio takes a set of Lapis Lazuli prayer beads honouring Magnata from a large willow basket for storing gifts.

Jan gets a set of Lapis Lazuli prayer beads honouring Magnata from a large willow basket for storing gifts.

Medeia takes a set of Lapis Lazuli prayer beads honouring Magnata from a large willow basket for storing gifts.

Rosalind takes a set of Lapis Lazuli prayer beads honouring Magnata from a large willow basket for storing gifts.

Acacia gets a set of Lapis Lazuli prayer beads honouring Magnata from a large willow basket for storing gifts.

As people gather around the shrine, there are thick pieces of parchment offered to those that want to use them for a bit of cover. They won't last long, but it's something. Volunteers are passing around drinks and snacks, there's a warm welcome atmosphere despite the weather. But, that is the reason people are gathered here, to offer prayer and to build a temporary shelter around the shrine, to encourage that prayer to continue through the storm. Princess Denica is taking her stand next to Felix as people come and settle in, seeming to have a few words to say when they do.

At least it is spring, and therefore not freezing. The visage of Patrizio Pravus is visible beneath the hood of his heaviest cloak, drawn about himself with the assurance of one who has, perhaps, worn at least lighter such things in equally rainy climes - his sextet of soldiers, lurking back a bit, might look at least a little less than thrilled given the constant downpour, but their commander is trying to at least look unaffected by the turn of the weather as they are moving to pitch in with helping to get the shrine erected.

Sporting a wide-brimmed hat and her usual adventuring gear, Lou doesn't seem too put out by the summer storm. Of course, she also probably saw a few big storms when out sailing a time or two. She makes her way into the shrine and finds a space where she can lean against a wall or pillar where she can listen to the day's sermon or participate as she wishes.

When Medeia arrives, it is with Lucita in tow - as well as a small group of Eswynd guards. The Prodigal Islanders have draped the Lycene women in oiled cloaks to try to keep the rain off and are using their shields as additional cover. The men are used to rough weather. Medeia gives Denica and Felix each a nod before she finds a spot that is as covered and wind-proof as possible.

It's been FOR EV ER since Rosalind has ventured anywhere in the city. Anywhere. And now it's pouring like the spirits and Gods are mad. She rushes in the looking like a drown fox. Or weasel. "Who made who angry or sad,"she declares, looking also like she cried buckets. There's still a large smile on her freckled and very tanned face. "Oh. Hi!" Have to add that in too.

The heavy, oiled leather clothing that Ian wears is pretty much his usual fare, only buttoned up a bit tighter than usual, but the purpose of it, the reason it looks the way it does, becomes very clear like this, out in the rain. Stormward gets a lot of rain, and Ian's lived his whole life working on ships where getting out of the weather often just isn't possible; it's likely that under that double breasted coat, he's completely dry and warm. He seems to have been here a while, and is already helping with the construction of the structure.

Lucita is dressed in a light Lycene fashion but with one addition to the oiled cloak loaned by Medeia, she also wears a leather lined wool cloak to both shed water and should rain make its way under the cloak, the wool remains warm. The only main problem is her slippers that squelch as she walks, unable to avoid deep puddles of water. "I should have worn boots!" She glances up and lifts a hand to wave a greeting to friends scattered about the shrine.

Felix, after assisting with some of the supply and building of the pavilion to provide shelter for those that want it, has taken a place up near the front of the Shrine's space, wearing a waxed leather slick with the hood tucked in around his neck to keep water from seeping in. A nod to the srain without shunning it entirely. Watching others arrive with a light smile, and giving a nod back to those who offer a greeting. Rosalind gets a faint flick of a grin. "Just blame me, makes it easier on all of us."

Wyla, a small wisp of an assistant, 6 Grayson House Guards arrive, following Keely.

Dressed for the weather, drenched but at least present, Acacia drifts into the back of the busy space. Skirting the edges of the crowd, she casts an upnod cast Felix's but does not approach the man as he sees to his duties. A soft scowl forms upon her lips and she slinks to the back and out of the way of the chaos.

Keely gets a set of Lapis Lazuli prayer beads honouring Magnata from a large willow basket for storing gifts.

Jan is overheard praising Denica.

Vern, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Kael.

Cillian makes his way into the shrine, stopping and moving to the side with his small group. All have cloaks pulled about their head, attempting to keep the water out of their faces. He nods to his guards as they move to get some protection and something warm to drink. Water beads down the Northern lords face and beard, it does not seem to bother him to much, its not to hot so he is happy.

"Yes, but does it?" Being wet, which does nothing for his hair doubtless beneath the hood of his cloak, doesn't seem to much diminish the faint hint of amusement in Patrizio's voice. "Blaming you, that is, Archlector. I'd rather we can draw attention to the plight of the wards closest the sea, and maybe find some intercession for those who live there." Which comes with a glance to altar for a moment, before he's making sure others can come in beneath the cover.

Arriving by carriage are Princess Keely Grayson, and Marquis Kael Keaton, who are shielded by sturdy canvas parasols on either side from carriage to covered area within the shrine, likely for the benefit of the princess. And so, they step in with her hand at the crook of his arm, dry and well put-together, save for the frizz of Keely's glossy locks thanks to essentially one hundred percent humidity in the air.

Keely herself is quick to gently tug Kael in the direction of Denica, who gets a cheek kiss and a soft remark of, "I'm glad to see you," before she turns to give Medeia the same greeting, gentle smiles offered to the rest of those gathered for prayer.

The short Thrax princess lights up like a lighthouse in a storm when she sees Keely and the kiss is returned to the woman's cheek, "so good to see you, too," Denica says and takes a moment to wave and say hello to everyone that comes in, seeming grateful to be amongst everyone's presence.

Lucita curtsies to Keely as she approaches Medeia and herself. She stays quiet, listening to the thunder, the rain, and the flow of conversations around her.

When people have gathered and settled in, Denica offers a warm smile to the crowd. The rain drips down her forehead and her heavy Thraxian greatcoat that offers some protection from the rain. Hair slicked back, to make the most of the weather, but none of that matters right now. Rather, she has a few things to say to start the day off. Despite the weather, she lights up with warmth in her eyes. "Thank you for braving the storm to come here and pray with us. Please, only stay as long as you are physically comfortable. Archlector Felix is going to lead us in prayer, but after we are asking for your help to build a temporary pavilion here. This will allow people to continue praying during the course of this storm," taking in a small breath. "The ability for us to come together during any challenge, is the reason we are able to face those challenges and come out stronger and more resilient. It is humbling to be in the presence of that dedication and care, so I thank you for coming here today." With that, she turns it over to Felix.

Jan spies Lucita and lifts a hand in a soggy wave "I'd offer you mine but I'm guessing you'd have a hard time keeping them on as huge as my feet are compared to yours." She lapses into silence when Denica speaks,

Rosalind glances at Felix and grins. "Naw, that's too easy,"a wave following. She waves to Cillian too when he enters. When Denica starts talking, she quiets. Because you know, prayers and things.

It is with a somber expression that Kael escorts the Princess Grayson to the shrine, taking his duty of ensuring that she moves without slippage from the carriage as well as avoiding any current from flowing water. He moves as she guides, nodding appropriately to those that she greets though he himself is scanning the crowd shortly thereafter. It is uncertain if he is looking for something or someone. Whatever the case, when the Thrax princess begins to speak, his focus shifts to her and thereafter to Felix.

When Keely arrives, Medeia gives the princess and Kael a curtsy as best she can and smiles warmly for them both. "Princess, Marquis, it is aplease despite the circumstances." There are a few small waves toward Jan and Ian and Patrizio and Rosalind before she makes the effort to listen to Denica. After, she looks to Patrizio. "You will let us know how we can help, yes? I would not leave those wards to suffer the effects of this storm without a hand up."

When Denica starts speaking, Ian stops whatever he was doing and turns to face her. He's mostly a silhouette in the pouring rain, his dark clothing turning him into even more of a shadow. After she turns the focus to Felix, he looks respectfully to the Archlector.

Keely smiles warmly to Lucita as well before she gives Denica her full attention, still clinging to Kael's arm as they huddle together near to everyone else beneath the cover. Once Felix is indicated as the next speaker, that is where her deep brown eyes travel.

Lucita glances toward Felix as Denica indicates it is time for him to speak. a warm smile is given and she remains respectfully quiet to listen.

The redheaded woman quietly watches from her spot, honeybrown eyes serious and dark. Her arms folded across her chest.

Cillian spots Rosalind and he moves through the gathering silent to move over to her, a nods is given to her as he eye look over to Denica as she starts to speak.

Rosalind spies people she doesn't know and gives off an enthusiastic wave, rain dripping everywhere. "Hi! I'm Lady Rosalind Ravenseye. But most people call me Rosa or Ros. Eirene calls me Rose which is change of pace really." She chatters endlessly, like she has her whole life, like she's known everyone her whole life. "Hey Cill,"she says, grinning as he joins her.

"Lady Eswynd," murmurs Kael, keeping his voice pitched low. He is however punctuating that greeting with a bow of his head and a slip of a smile. He looks on the verge of adding a few rare tidbits of social chit-chat, but silences instead in wait for the prayer. Other than a few quiet murmurs to Keely of course.

Felix gives Denica a nod of thanks, once people have gotten situated and are in place does he continue. A small shrug for Patrizio. "Ah, but blaming me for weather is not blaming me for what the weather causes. That is something that needs be addressed by hands other than mine, though I am always glad to lend silver and resources to such efforts." A light smile to the crowd, giving a nod. "ANd you have my thanks as well, though I'm sure some of you have not let the rains cease your own works. A small prayer, to help us focus our thoughts towards unity."

Not immediately continuing, so that other conversations can come to their conclusion, before he begins. "Blessed Mangata of storm and air, we come together not just to seek shelter from the rain, but to give appreciation to You for the works you undertake and the balance that you provide. Large and small are the ways that you provide for us every day. Though our daily struggles are often many, and those that often seem the largest are those we strive against most. Those smaller are sometimes the most impactful."

"So with one voice do we give you our thanks, and offer you all that we can as we strive forward against that which would seek to keep us constrained."

A sound from the prince of Pravus at Medeia's words. "Very kind, and I shall," speaks Patrizio seriously when he's adjusting his hood just slightly. "The joy of not all the wards being upon the cliffs over the bay, but something we should all think of." Those jade eyes of his move over the crowd assembled for a moments before he turns that attention towards Felix, to hear what the Archlector has to say.

Lou spots her cousin Keely arriving and gives a simple nod in her direction. Her attention is otherwise diverted to Felix and Denica as they are the ones running the prayer session.

When the prayer begins, Keely bows her head and closes her eyes, prayer beads curled within her hand.

Going silent, Denica turns her attention to Felix, letting vivid blue eyes settle there as he begins the prayer. Though her gaze travels, from the Archlector towards the shrine Mangata itself, before she closes her eyes. Quietly contemplating the words spoken, pale paint-stained fingers idly trace a line of prayer beads that she holds.

Watching from the back, Acacia gives a hint of a nod of approval at the mention of offering thanks to the goddess and slightly shifts her stance.

Cillian smiles at her, a hand moving to touch her shoulder as he stands near her. His hazel eyes looking to Felix when the prayer starts remaining silent for the moment, though the Northern Lord is known for being quiet.

Ian bows his head at Felix starts to pray. His lips move silently, gloved hands loosely clasped together in front of him.

Kael begins to bow his head when Felix begins the prayer though he catches that nod from Lou. While he might not be the intended recipient, he happens to be near that recipient, and he chins back toward her in greeting. There is the prayer though and thus his head bows fully and he remains humble throughout the Archlector's words.

Patrizio bows his head for the moment, the play of the beads noticeable between his digits, with slow, mindful work that speaks to his perhaps being much accustomed to such devotions. His lips, too, move, even as his eyes slip shut, as if there's more to that prayer perhaps than simple agreement with what's been said.

Jan bows her head reverently, the hood of her coat becoming a waterfall as rain streams forward off her wide hood.

Medeia bows her head when Felix begins the prayer, her fingers worrying over a different set of prayer beads. The ones she holds are made of coral, glimmering in that unique way the coral around Eswybd Rock glimmers. All of her guards are attentive to the Archlector, as well.

Rosalind bows her head, feeling the rain beat down on her head. She smiles a little at the feeling, looking up when the prayer is done.

When the prayer has concluded, Denica smiles with a grateful sparkle in vivid blue eyes. "The next part is where we are asking for your help. But, we are not alone in this challenge. We are lucky to have the assistance of a number of builders and labourers, who will kindly guide us as we build the pavilion. Please take part if you feel comfortable, if not, there are plenty of drinks and snacks and your presence is enough.," she says with warmth in her tone, able to raise her voice loud enough so it carries. "I would encourage anyone who'd like to sing or make music while others work, please do. Make joyful noise.," another breath. "There are many tasks, be it hammering nails or moving items or holding them in place. If you are unsure, someone will help and I think you for taking part in this collective effort. Our ability to come together, serves us well, today and all days. Together we weather any storm." A smile erupts on Denica's features and despite the subtle tension in her shoulders, no doubt hidden under coat, there's an ever present look of hope in her eyes.

Lou takes the time to bow her head and offer her own prayers to Mangata. Once done, she's somewhat distracted by the occasional lightning flashes above. She squints at them a moment and when she turns her attention back to the organizers she notices Kael's return nod. The corner of her lips shift into a small smile before she looks back to the organizers once more. She's among those who step forward to volunteer their labor. "Just point me in the direction where the work is and I'll do what I can," she says to Denica.

"I strongly suspect no one wants hear me sing. Just as anyone wise doesn't want me baking or building." The flashes of lightning help to illuminate Patrizio's smile to Denica before he gives a nod to his soldiers, a gesture, and the seven are moving to help with the hefting of items, to move into place so others with more talent in such an area can do more of the assembly, seven strong backs to be doing much of the work. Moving so, though, gives him notice of Acacia, and the Culler captain's given a mindful dip of his head and a warmer smile still, with a sense of 'what are you going to do?' about the weather that's around them all.

Lucita joins in the prayer with others then looks aside. "About nine years ago Lord Ian and Marquessa Quenia and several others were in a village at the sea's edge when a perfectly normal yet harsh storm hit. We watched the villagers gather to pray for the safety of the sailors and fishermen caught out in the weather. It inspired a song I called The Storm Watch."

Lucita sings:

High are the bluffs
That overlook the sea
Sailor's homes stand there.

A path on the bluffs
Called Mangata's Watch
Has signs of frequent wear.

A gnarled tree clings
Anchored firm to the bluff
Roots make a watcher's seat.

When wind wolves howl
And lightnin' lances the sky
Houses shake as wild waves beat.

Sailor's families know
Gather at the bluff tree
Singing Mangata their prayers.

Bring them home safely,
Tame the wind wolf's howl
Bring them back home to me.

Calm the wild waves
And ease the tide's roar
Mangata please hear our plea.

Livin' at your mercy
Here upon your shores
Strong is our faith in thee.

We see your power.
Heavy are our hearts
Laden with worry and fears.

Keep our sailors safe
Mangata's will be done
This prayer we hope she hears.

Bring them home safely
Tame the wind wolf's howl
Bring them back home to me.

Calm the wild waves
And ease the tide's roar
Mangata please hear our plea.

Cillian bowed his head till the prayer was done, he looks to Rosalind and gives her a one armed hug. Then moving to remove his cloak, he looks to Denica and Felix, "I will help." the Northern lord steps up to help build.

Jan moves forward to help building. She follows directions from whoever is

Jan follows the directions of whoever is directing the efforts to build or just inserting herself where she seems needed as best fits the situation.

Ian had started to find a place to help build, but stops when Lucita starts to sing. He turns towards her, standing still while the rain buffets his form, and listens.

Medeia isn't normally one to shy away from pitching in to help, but this seems a touch out of her depth. Still, "Just holding something in place?" That can't be that hard, even in this weather. She offers that assistance, and her guards pitch in more fully.

Acacia catches Patrizio's look and offers a respectful nod back, though there remains a quiet seriousness about the tall leather-clad woman who offers to hands and strength to the task at hand. A look to any other Lowers folk scattered about the shrine who may be in attendance, she signals them to join her in the work and, as Lucita begins to sing, they set to work. No words spoken, just weighted looks, attention on their task whatever those may be.

"I'll help,"Rosa offers quickly. She shoos her guards to help too. Lots of hands here. Rosa glances over at Lucita when she sings and smiles a little before darting off to do whatever it is she's told to do.

Lucita moves to help with the shelter being made once she is done.

Does Denica know anything about building? Nope, not at all, but she's always game to help and put herself in unique situations. To Lou, she waves her over and offers to show her and any others where the supplies are. The princess considers something as she picks up a hammer and looks at it, "it's like...the opposite of destruction, building things," she says thoughtfully.

"It is," Lou assures Denica as she selects a few tools and supplies to choose from. "And goodness knows I've plenty of experience building shelters out in the wilds, so this can't be as far off as that," she says with a bit of amusement.

Medeia pauses for a moment, looking at Denica with her mouth slightly open, as if she might say something. THen she just starts laughing. It's the slightly crazed laugh of someone who knows they shouldn't be laughing in the situation, but she can't stop. Her hands clap over her mouth and she steps back fully into unsheltered rain to try to get a grip on herself.

Jan begins to hum cheerily as she works, helping with tasks that require raw strength or a bracing grip where rain water might make things slippery. As cheerful as her humming in this dreary weather is still somehow is likely to make those near her glad she's not trying to sing.

Ian had just secured a hammer and is now kneeling on the sodden ground to start nailing things to other things, but he looks up when Medeia starts laughing. He angles his head, somewhere between confused and concerned.

Rosalind grins at Denica and Medeia. "I can help if you want. Or you can help me." She considers, looking at what she's doing. "This is like building at home." She smiles at the though of home and starts hammering away.

Lou checks dexterity and survival at normal. Lou is successful.

Cillian gives a whistle to his guards and co, they move over to start helping as well. He looks to Jan with a smile and starts to hum along with the her, he slips his flask out and offers it to her as he he helps hold things in place to be nailed, to be lifted up and handed over.

Patrizio and the Pravusi soldiers move, that military efficiency in which the soldiers are bringing things to where they can be secured. There is - and for good reason - some slowing of their motion to listen to the song that's been offered up, more perhaps on the prince's own part, but they are doing what they can to best facilitate the construction efforts. It's only after some work at it that Patrizio's taking a moment to take up a drink, surveying things as his other hand wipes rainwater from his brow, and then back into the labours he goes.

Lucita is handed a rope, yes a rope to hold. Why she has no idea till some tugs on it happen to where ever the other end of the rope is and then a long hard pull that has her struggling to hold her balance and stabilize whatever it is being done.

Something seems to strike the Lowers woman and her jaw tightens. "Fasten that there," Acacia nods to the man working at her side. "Good n'tight," she nods with approval as she turns to nod to Patrizio and his soldiers who rally to the cause. "Thanks," she offers as she moves to the next task.

Kael's tilting his head as he regards Keely, a few brief words quietly spoken to the young woman. He eventually ensures that she is relatively out of the storm's fury before going to acquire more building materials. He hauls the lumber over and soon enough finds a cache of nails as well as hammer so that he can ... stand and regard the makeshift structure. Eventually he finds what he is looking for and goes to a spot he deigns needs reinforcement. It's there that he begins his work.

Jan steps around towards Lucita and helps her hold counter balance "You doing alright, Baroness?"

Likewise, Felix moves around through all of those working, taking the opportunity to lend a pair of hands or just his strength and weight behind the efforts. When needed, a hammer is employed - either one of those brought for the effort or the one hanging heavy on his belt, but he is far less moved by the rain and doesn't hesitate to laugh when he slips, likely more than once. Quick as he is to right himself, the grounds of the shrine can become both slick where the stones are laid, and muddy on the paths surrounding it.

Lucita flexes her fingers a little as some of the weight is taken from them thanks to Jan's help. "Yes, so far. For a moment I thought I might be dangling from the end of this. What are they doing? Stretching a big waxed canvas tarp between the trees surrounding the shrine to make a dryer spot? I'm stuck over here behind some trees and taller people doing the work."

Briefly, Patrizio's hand finds his chest as he dips his head to Acacia at her gesture. "United, we are stronger," he says, as if that's the only answer he has to the thanks, that lingering smile, as he's moving, too, to help with steadying some of the boards where they can be fastened, putting his weight into pinning them to the supports to keep them in place while hammering is done.

As folks start to take part and help build the pavilion, Denica's smile broadens and she's right in there, trying to hit a hammer against a nail. It's art of a different kind and the chance to work together with others, really inspired her. The young woman is focused and she takes in a small breath and says to the collective crowd, "this is a really good time to check on your neighbours.," she suggests to people there. "Not just the ones that live directly next to you, but everyone. There are some that will be harder hit than others, by nature of their location or situation. There are vulnerable populations that will always feel the thrust of these kind of events, more than those that can move about freely and have the means to do so. I encourage you to reach out, to keep an eye out and to open your homes when appropriate.," the princess's smile continues to warm. "It's hard to ask for help, but knowing someone is there and supporting you, that can make a world of difference to someone who is unsure or scared," she suggests gently.

Lou takes the items that she's selected and starts getting to work, after taking a moment to observe the plans for the shelter in general. She settles at one corner, helping to build a section that would fortify the shelter in general, taking her time to make sure the measurements are exacting before putting up any cross braces and fastening them together so they might be used support any cover to the area. She does pause here and there to listen to Lucita's singing before guiding her hands back to work once more.

Jan smiles towards Lucits, "Well lets enlist a tree's help for some counter balance, eh?" She tilts her head towards one of the trees, "If we pull the rope around that trunk it should lessen the work work us, eh?"

Denica checks dexterity and survival at normal. Denica marginally fails.

Medeia catches her breath and pretends her little laughing fit never happened. Then, she's right back in place holding things.

The Lowers seafarer seems to show flash of a grin, though the storm in Acacia's eyes returns soon after. She nods once to Patrizio's words, "So they say," she replies. "From your lips to the gods' ears."

Lucita says, "Good idea. Is it long enough, Lady Jan?" She glances behind her at the tree Jan indicated. "Going to be a bit of a stretch but any help it can give is better than dropping the rope and letting all that work so far go to waste.""

Ian gives Medeia one last concerned look after she returns to work, and returns to work, himself. The neat, crisp tap of his hammer on nails is easily lost to the wind.

Klavdiya, who is definitely a handmaiden and not a reaver have been dismissed.

5 Eswynd shieldbearers have been dismissed.

Butterpup, a Graypeak Mountain Dog have been dismissed.

Kael finishes his little area, stepping back to see how the angles come together. Eventually after sufficient scrutiny he deigns his work sufficient and thereafter migrates with his materials to another area. That area? Near Lou evidently so that he can offer a few brief words quietly to her.

"Use some of the extra material to pad the tree, if you do use it." Felix offers in passing. "Just to keep the trunk from being damaged." which he does add by bringing over a length of extra fabric that can be employed for such.

Keely keeps herself well out of the way, instead simply providing moral support by dint of her presence, sipping warm beverages and keeping herself well out of the storm. Perhaps she will help build the next shelter while everyone else is in bed with a chill. Her attention is evenly split between Denica and Kael, teeth worrying gently over her lower lip.

Cillian starts to hum as he works, its a catchy hum perhaps a song from up North. He continues to brace things where needed, handing off items that are needed. He is soaked but it does not seem to bother him to much, he runs fingers through his hair that causes the bells in them to sing out softly. But the rain does not stop him, he and his men continue to work and help.

Stepping back, Acacia gives the structure a study before looking over the crowd and clearing her throat. "If this keeps up the Lowers are gonna need to stick together more than ever. Anyone here with a home below the cut can call upon Culler to have your back. You know where to find us," she calls out to the crowd with a nod and moves back into work.

Jan says, "Well it is that or bellow for help, Baroness. I think it should work but it just won't have much give if it slips."

Rosalind hammers away, looking like she's in her zone. Even if it's raining buckets. "This is way too fun,"she tells everyone. Or no one.

A sigh, and a grunt slip from Patrizio while he's helping to do what he can to help hold things steady for those with more dependable skill in the construction arts. And a nod to Acacia about things. "All those places at any level below the Compact ward," voices he, as if to add to it. "Gods know the waters in the river'll keep going for a bit, if the rains are anywhere near as heavy in the headlands as they are here."

Nail between paint-stained fingers, the princess tries to hold onto it while she lifts up the hammer. Nothing could go wrong, it's simple right? Well, not exactly. It's hard to hold the nail in place, and so when the princess brings the hammer down, she's too concerned about her fingers and so she pulls them away too soon and the nail slips and she just hits the wood. Eyebrows furrow and she breathes out, picking the nail up and looking around to see if anyone noticed. Catching Keely's expression from where she sits and drinks, the Thrax offers the other princess a warm smile, seeming to very muuch appreciate the woman's presence here.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior, 3 Sanna House Guards, 2 Northern Rangers, Spirit leave, following Rosalind.

Lucita nods and moves with Jan to get a better support of the rope from wrapping it around the tree. OOOPS! Unfortunately her feet slip as she tries to help Jan secure the rope. It winds up with her splatting down on her rump in a puddle of rainwater, cheeks blazing red in embarrassment. "Oh, oh, soon as this rope is tied off, I need to head back home for dry clothes... and less muddy ones."

Jan smiles warmly "Wise choice, my lady. We'd be sad if you fell ill." She braces a foot against the tree trunk and pulls with a soft grunt as she pulls to tie off the rope.

"You can borrow my coat." Ian has finished with the task he'd taken up and wandered over to watch Jan and Lucita wrestle with the rope. "It'll keep you dry."

Lou pauses a moment as Kael approaches her with quiet words. She hears him out and gives him a curious look, but overall seems amenable to whatever he's speaking to. She lowers her voice to reply to him before helping to work on the cover portion of the shelter they are building.

Lucita lets go slowly, making sure the rope to the overhead tarp is secure and then draws a relieved breath. "Thank you though, Lord Ian. I have a cloak Lady Medeia loaned me. It is keeping me dry from the top down but.. that did not help when I fell into the mud puddle and got wet from the hem up to my waist. I'll just head back home. Thank all of you. And hope the rest of the work goes quickly."

"I'll buy you and those bastards a drink after. Least I can do," she nods to Patrizio and the folks she's been working more directly with during this effort. "There's always a glass for you as well, Blessed, if you the time for it. Otherwise, raincheck," she says without a single look of regret for the pun.

1 Saik Guard, Micana, an efficient assistant leave, following Lucita.

Patrizio lifts his hand to the front of his hood anew, the tug on it to adjust the fit of it over his head to ensure the water's cascading /away/ from his eyes, even as he's watching the others in the midst of his helping. And despite the seriousness of the task before them all, a chuckle can be heard from him at Acacia's words to Felix.

Jan is overheard praising Lucita.

Cillian is not leaving any time soon, he just continues to hum his men seem to pick up on it and starts to join in on him as they all continues to do their work.

Many hands make effective work and the pavilion is really taking shape. The winds howl and the rain pours down, but there's music and comradery and refreshments. The builders will no doubt take over once the volunteers start making their way. Denica is looking grateful and inspired by everything, her attention drifts and she takes in the scene of everything. "Thank you all," she says as people start to meander out. "Please feel free to stay as long as you would like, or leave when you wish. Again, I really appreciate your presence here today and look at we've accomplished together!," she says of the structure that is going up.

Acacia is overheard praising Felix: A damn fine Archlector and an even better man.

Lou pauses her work again at whatever it is that Kael responds to a query she made. She glances over the crowd once and turns her attention back to him.

The wind nearly blows Keely over, and she ends up holding onto the arm of her guard, Brantley, to keep herself upright. Gone are her attempts to keep her hair looking normal, and she ends up putting her alaricite hair comb away so that she doesn't lose it. At each of the four corners of the makeshift shelter, a Grayson guard is holding a support in place to ensure it, too, does not blow away.

Patrizio shifts where he's helping to bolster different beams that are being hammered in place, taking a break again to straighten up and tug his cloak back into position, the rain slicking over the front of his boots as he presses his palm to his chest, the dip of his head to Denica. "Thank you, and the Archlector," which comes with another inclination of his head to Felix, "for allowing us all a manner to help beyond the waterlogged streets of our own wards. To come together as a Compact to do /something/ useful for others."

Denica is overheard praising Felix: A thoughtful prayer.

Jan is overheard praising Felix.

Keely is overheard praising Denica.

Keely is overheard praising Felix.

Ian seems, despite attempts to stay engaged, to keep slipping out of conversation and away from people, and it's happening again. He's standing in the grove now, which is not really a safe place to stand when there's lightning overhead but let's all worry about that later, and just looking up at the dark sky while the rain soaks his face.

Acacia is overheard praising Denica.

Cillian takes a break from his helping and moves over to where Ian is, he looks up at the sky. Water washing over his face and beard. "Silver for your thought." he says to the Kennex Lord in a soft voice.

Denica flashes a smile at Patrizio, "I've always had a hard time sitting still, especially when things get chaotic," she admits with a small shrug. "I am glad we could do this together, all of us. It's easy to feel isolated when we are forced into our homes, the chance to be around others, it's inspiring. Truly."

Jan says, "Ian! Mind the trees! You don't want to see what happens to people who shelter under trees in a storm-It's not pretty!" That sole warning bellowed she returns to trying to make herself useful to allow an outlet for all this restless energy "Gods, it keeps storming this way we'll all be living on ships!"

Briefly, there's a bow of Patrizio's head as he's shifting, the drawing off his gloves to wring them out if but for the moment, without any sense that it's futile given the rain without. "It's something concrete to do and clearly good for more than ourselves, certainly, and lets me be free of my offices, or from standing hunched over the map of the ward that seems to have taken the place of the map table of the Saffron that I'm accustomed to seeing." That smile for Denica does come with a little glance too to Jan, before he frowns. "I'd like not think of such a thing. We certainly haven't ships enough for all who'd need them, in the low-lying wards."

"We've got a lot of work to do back home, but if you have time between your own preparations, I would have a word with you, highness," Acacia grimaces to Patrizio as she secures another rope with a sailor's grace.

Ian starts to turn towards Cillian, then jumps when Jan shouts his name. He looks back at her and blinks, then turns his attention back to Cillian. Without moving out of the grove. Hopefully Mangata likes him. "Trying to decide what to think about the rain," he says after a moment, to Cillian.

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