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Upset Traditionalists

The Peerage of Arvum has long been protective of its rights and privileges as the nobility of the Compact. Anything that undermines that prestige is regarded with at best suspicion, and more often with overt hostility. Ennobling commoners, taking in prodigals, allowing refugees, overturning ancient traditions like thralldom in the Isles, embracing new gods in the Faith of the Pantheon- these are all destabilizing actions that have the peerage as deeply alarmed- and some willing to act to counter it.

If the peers are not reassured, then there will be unrest, economic consequences, and possibly violence. And of course if they are reassured, they'll be placated up until the next outrage.

The profligate ennobling of commoners and nobles, the demolishing of certain 'traditions' that have been in practice since before the Reckoning, and the inclusion of more and more Prodigals into the Compact has the traditionalists of Arvum up in arms all across the continent.

In no place is this made more clear than in the Mourning Isles. After Prince Victus Thrax's announcement that thralldom was to be abolished, the more traditionalist houses of the Isles have banded together to make a stand against it amongst other complaints. The Order of East Light, the Mourning Isles knightly order, attempts to mend some of those rifts by exemplifying all the things that those from the Isles value. They hunt pirates, they attempt to show that their knightly vows are cut from the very fabric of traditionalism. While the Order of East Light enjoys a surge of popularity as a result, those who are the most staunch in their traditionalist views are not so easily swayed. House Blackshore's merger with House Carideo with the marriage of Baron Aedric Blackshore to Baroness Scylla Carideo is considered a step in the right direction since many viewed Lady Scylla as a neonoble at best and considering the House Blackshore is considered a strong and solid House in the Isles, it does mollify some of the more conservative elemnts a tiny bit, but not enough to stave off the inevitable civil war that is expected.

The Crownlands are generally more successful in quelling some of the traditionalist pushback. Rumor is that House Grayson turned on the charm (and open their very substantial coin purses) to reassure their vassals that all is well and House Grayson are still the same solid and dependable rulers they have always been. In other parts of the Oathlands, Lord Grady makes himself ill in trying to soothe their own vassals who have objected to almost all of the decisions made by House Deepwood in the last decade. House Bisland, in an effort to choose children from noble families to train into Ministry positions, does more harm than good by accidentally giving an impression of favoritism in their selections.

The only slightly sour note comes from the Harrow family, who try to convince the Crownlands vassals that some commoners are -worthy- of being raised to nobility. Most of the established nobility scoff and make it clear that they can't think of a good example while the commoners hear the impassioned speeches from the Harrows and get a little starry-eyed at the prospect of becoming the sort of heroes that are worthy of such an honor.

The Lyceum, at least prior to the raising for House Pravus to a crown House, has always been perceived as the least traditional of the fealties, but they -do- have traditions that are revered. With several popular and powerful figures dying under mysterious circumstances over the years and the murder of one of their own, Dominus Orazio, many have began to wonder if the Lyceum is starting to surrender their own traditions too easily. House Malespero, a rather new player in the great game of politics within the Hundred Cities, try to convince their fellow Lycenes of the merits of raising the truly worthy to nobility. Some within the Lyceum might concede that it seems to be working out for Malespero, but the rest of the Lyceum doesn't seem to be faring so well. House Artiglio manages to root out a thief and return some stolen silver to House Velenosa, which is considered Very Nice and only serves to reinforce what the Lycene traditionalists say when they state that a commoner can do perfectly -fine- things without a title.

House Malvici and House Magnotta, an offshoot of House Malvici, seem to understand that those with more conservative views are craving action, not words. House Malvici manages to decisively destroy the Abandoned that attacked and killed Calypso Malvici in a move that many Lycenes are calling inspired. While Duke Martino Malvici was considered a bit of a dandy before with silky words, he is now looked on a worthy successor to his family's fabled martial ability. Count Artorius Magnotta benefits from his famous family and is admired for taking Abandoned land and turning it into a stable holding with old blood at the helm.

The Oathlands are considered second only to the Mourning Isles in terms of traditionalism in part because it is considered the heart of the Faith and what could be more traditional than the Faith of the Pantheon? Of course, the Faith has added several new 'gods' in the past decade or so. And the position of Dominus has been a revolving door. Dominus Orazio was ever assassinated which is, frankly, horrifying to the most devout. What has the world come to if the Dominus can be stabbed in the street, even if he -was- a Lycene? Princess Alis Valardin goes on tour to speak with the priests and officiants of the Faith. They all think it is very pleasant to see her out and about with ehr family and other vassals, but they make it clear they want tangible action taken, not just pretty words and a tour. Many point to House Laurent as a bastion of traditionalism. Duke Cristoph Laurent is ridding his lands and his neighbors of the horror of the Abandoned. One had to respect a man of action over words!

House Greenmarch, being a Prodigal House themselves, made an attempt to convince the Oathlands that Prodigals can make good citizens and vassals, after all, look at them! Unfortunately, a disaster happens in the midst of this convincing in the form of a forest fire that destroys several acres of prime lumber and the House's attention is forced to turn toward mitigating the impending crisis instead.

The King's Own also go on tour to ease some of the traditionalist pushback in the Compact and it goes really well! Who doesn't love to see the King's Own show off a little? Of course, there is that terrible accident that happened in the village of Lanthan's Grove, but accidents happen when common people try to do what the King's Own do. That's why they are so special. The Faith also works to mollify some of the harshness of traditionalist ire, but, again, the loudest voices in these crowds state that they want concrete plans and actions, not goodwill tours and pretty words. The time for talking has passed and the traditionalists make it clear that without some effort to mitigate or roll back some of the changes, they aren't going to be quiet about their way of life changing so dramatically.