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Your Shrine Has Vines

The Shrine of Lagoma is now covered in vines. It's not entirely clear why. But initial efforts to clear the vines have seen them grow back, with some citizens of Arx grousing in white journals that the Faith really needs better groundskeepers, or that flora brought over by Eurusi refugees is simply ridiculous.

It's been months since the Shrine of Lagoma was first cordoned off due to the overgrowth that many of the faithful blamed on strange seeds brought by foreigners. After the efforts of Countess Thea Wyvenheart, who created a brilliant new herbicide, with the assisted of Count Drake and Lady Kiera, the vines seem to have weakened and decayed somewhat. The Templars are grateful that their swords have an easier time cleaving through the vines although they do still seem to be regrowing, albeit slower than before. The charred building can be seen a little clearer underneath the foliage.

It's notable when the Suspires, led by Nina Autumndale put in a one time performance for the Shrine of Lagoma. She's accompanied by the incredible talents of, Radiant Anisha, Cesare Whisper, Marquessa Cassiopeia, and Mistress Mailys. Those that witness the experience speak with great affection about how moving it was, with talk of the event traveling through the city. The Faithful are quite pleased with this show of devotion to one of the Gods. Given the energetic nature of the exhibition, no one is surprised by how tired all the performers seem at the end.

It came as a surprise to many when the Mirrorguard announced their intention to hold a pilgrimage to Lagoma's Shrine in each great city: Farhaven, Sanctum, Lenosia, Setarco, Maelstrom, and for Bastion-beset, back to Arx. Not an unwelcome surprise and their show of devotion was noted by the Faithful, some of whom felt an uneasiness to the Mirrorguard prior to this due to their name. This has alleviated many fears, especially in the Oathlands, although some distrust may still remain among the Orthodox. The members of the Mirrorguard, including Vitalis, Alexio, Agostino, Quenia, Esme, Cerys and Pasquale, lit candles in each of the Shrines and spoke of the benefits of change to an interested audience. The pilgrimage was smooth for the most part besides the odd, but swiftly dealt with, brigand attacks. The group tracked and apprehended a clan of heretical shavs in the outskirts of Lenosia for which the peerage is truly grateful. Devotion to the Goddess Lagoma has been re-ignited and coincidentally, the increased infestation of bugs in Lenosia's Shrine that had started earlier in the week also suddenly ceased. How lovely.

For thirteen days, the Mirrormasks and Silent Reflections conduct a vigil and fast outside of the Shrine of Lagoma. On the thirteenth hour of every day, Archlector Giada leads the clergy and attending faithful through a prayer dedicated to one of the Gods. Each day, she passes an item through a brazier lit by the Lagoman lanterns from Saving Grace Hospital. Every God is honored leading up to the conclusion of the fast, Gloria, the Sentinel, Jayus, Mangata, Petrichor, Death, Skald, Aion, Vellichor, Limerance, Gild, and Tehom and finally Lagoma. Archlector Giada of Tehom is joined in her efforts by Legate Vayne, Radiant Anisha, Princess Isolde, Marquessa Cassiopeia, Duke Valdemar, and Selene Whisper. The services are well attended. The people of Arx find the vines that have overwhelmed the Shrine of Lagoma to be very concerning and they'd like to see it returned to normal sooner rather later. Whispers spread over the city over how well Giada spoke to the tenants of Lagoma and many express a feeling of hopefulness for the future.

A couple days after the weakening of the vines by the Wyvenhearts, there is the final day of the thirteen day vigil conducted by the mirrormasks. The Mercies and the rest of the discipleships gather on the final day to give their offerings and prayers, in hopes that the mysterious vines cease their presence. The Templars, Scholars, Mirrormasks, Mercies, Solace all gather with full devotion.

What happens next is strange to say the lest. There's a bright, blinding light, that extends across the many Sanctums of the Shrines. When the light fades, all that can be seen is smoldering embers and the ashes of the vines.

Unrelated, a bizarre looking... what can only be assumed to be a horse immediately attacked multiple mercies. Killing one and grievously injuring many more. Their survival can be attributed to the quick actions of Lady Azova Darkwater.