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The Lodge of Petrichor

The Lodge of Petrichor, built by Dame Leola to be a haven for all creatures great and small, has inadvertently become a source of prime sacrifices for the Horned God. Word has reached the Compact that he intends to take it, by hook or by crook, and sacrifice everything that would normally be part of the Lodge. No single army that could be raised would be able to defend all the vulnerable places at this point. So the Crown has taken over the control of it, and made the Iron Guard and the King's Own responsible for overseeing and organizing the defense of the Lodge.

The Lodge stands - thanks to the combined efforts of the Compact. The King has decreed that the Lodge of Petrichor will now fall under the authority of the Crown, and has sent forces to defend the Lodge against those who seek to take it.

For a while, the foes who wanted to destroy the Lodge were many, varied, and extremely powerful. But now that the initial surge is over, the Compact settles into a more comfortable pattern, increasing the size of the territory considered part of Arx and the Compact, and claiming a peace of the Gray Forest.

There's a Grove there too now - the Grove of Renewal, and people flock from all over (but mostly Redrain) to see this place where spirits heal and the mind and heart are refreshed. They say the flowers that grow there have a sweeter scent than anywhere else in the world.

And the Lodge stands.