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The Great Road Crisis

The building of the Great Road has led to attacks across the Compact. While in some domains things are relatively smooth, in others large opportunities for trouble are both identified and exploited. The death toll is mounting - the Knights of Solace can't patrol all of these roads, not all at the same time - and there have been more than a few diplomatic incidents between factions and fealties. With so much threatening Arx, each domain now faces domestic problems as well, and this is a troubling time indeed.

In the months following the establishment of the Great Road, numerous brushfire conflicts have sprung up throughout the Compact.

In the Oathlands, there's purges of prodigals, wars against Abandoned, with battles against the Northlands and the Lyceum. In Thrax, there's instability regarding the end of Thralldom, blame for an assassination of a wedding party in the Northlands, and border wars. In the Crownlands, there's diplomatic struggles with the Lyceum and Clan Stormstorm. The Lyceum faces a wine crisis, as well as minor wars with the Oathlands that threaten to spread. While the Northlands turns against the Faith with dangerous implications.