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Clan Stormstorm

House Gallo, a vassal to Rubino, and House Groverfield, a vassal of House Shepherd, has been driven to the brink of war by Clan Stormstorm, an Abandoned group of trouble makers that has also presumably raided Gemecittan lands.

One of the last, lingering brushfire conflicts from the Great Road was the matter of Clan Stormstorm. It always comes back to Clan Stormstorm. House Gallo, a vassal of Gemecitta, and House Groverfield, a vassal of House Shepherd, had come to blows almost certainly due to raids and havoc wrecked by Clan Stormstorm and its allies, such as Clan Wavewave. Fortunately, cooler heads finally prevail at long last. A major diplomatic team led by Lady Miranda Rubino, supported by Duchesses Dafne, Grazia, Calypso, Delilah and as well as Martino, Fecundo, Kincade, Juliana, Thea, Isidora, Jennyva, Irisa, Quenia, and Aahana are all able to convince Houses Gallo and Groverfield to call a truce, and even seal a lasting peace with a marriage alliance. This has many in the Lyceum and Crownlands borderlands relieved, and averts the possibility of a larger war.

As for the abandoned, Prince Arman Velenosa leads a large mostly Lycene delegation to meet with the two Abandoned clans. The negotiations could be considered a great success, with Warchief Wilbur the Excessive of Clan Stormstorm agreeing to bend the knee with a few minor (in their eyes) stipulations. They and Clan Wavewave would just like to keep their thralls, which they imagine is not too big of an ask to end generations of bloodshed.

It's a little awkward.