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Game Updates: Recent Updates: 12/2

By tehom on Dec. 2, 2016, 3:26 a.m.

Just smaller scale updates while I continue to work on Dominion systems, but those are still a ways out from being completed.

More slight adjustments to combat, in which I made a number of changes to improve heavy armor: fatigue now kicks in later, and the benefits of higher quality for armor is now proportional to its protection, so it benefits heavy armor more: each quality level now gives +10% of the base value of the armor. The magnitude of offensive stances is now greater in their modifiers than defensive ones as a way to offset the overall defensive bias of fights before fatigue sets in for those who want to try to push things to a swift conclusion.

Added a +census command, and implemented an xp bonus for newly generated characters in less-played fealties as a way to encourage greater representation in less populous areas.