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Game Updates: Game Update: 1/11

By tehom on Jan. 9, 2017, 9:10 a.m.

1/11: Added languages. It can be set with the +lang command, and you can request other players teach you languages they know. Your maximum number of languages you can learn, excluding the shared common tongue of Arvani, is one per level of Linguistics skill. If your character should know some pre-existing languages, feel free to hit up Apostate or put in a +request to have it added.

Some usability tweaks to @clues and @revelations - @revelations now lists related Clues your character has discovered, and @clues/search will filter the results of the regular @clues display rather than just telling you ID numbers.

1/10: More combat tweaks. Made dodge have a lower difficulty than parry.
Added +tempdesc command for letting players add a temporary additional string to their descriptions.

1/9: Web stuff: Allowed players to tag journals as favorites, and then search for them. Put search stuff for the recipe page.

@cal now allows you to skip specifying a location, and the location it uses for logging will be determined when the event starts based on the location of a specified GM or host. You can now specify GMs for a @cal event, indicating that it will be a PRP. Added @cal/abort to cancel the creation of an event.

@investigate now lets you change the stat and skill used.

Fixed a bug that prevented fatigue from incrementing beyond values that were absorbed by a character's fatigue soak values. Did some minor rebalancing at the same time, making parry more difficult and reducing the effect of additive dodge/parry, halving whichever happens to be lower, and making fatigue increment at a more measured pace.