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Game Updates: 5/14 - Armies and Poses

By tehom on May 14, 2017, 3:10 a.m.

Implemented the @army command. Until the battle system is in, this is primarily to allow people to customize the description and names of their armies, though you can assign generals and unit commanders, as well as move around units however you wish. Hiring troops is also in, albeit in a preliminary form.

pose/history added to allow you to see recently received poses since your own most recent pose. This is primarily intended to be used by GMs to see if they should wait for anyone to submit a pose before proceeding, but people can use it to form some sort of pose order if they want to. Note that we don't particularly endorse any form of pose order etiquette - some people hate pose orders and find them stifling. But if people want to, knock yourselves out.