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Game Updates: 11/3 - Storyrequest/CrisisAction revamp

By tehom on Nov. 3, 2017, 1:21 a.m.

So you may notice that the +storyrequest command is gone. It's been replaced by an @actions command that works for both Crisis Actions and the new storyrequests, which are essentially Crisis Actions that aren't used for a crisis. The format for creating them is a little different: You'll invite people, add resources, write everything (including a few more required fields to make things easier on GMs), and only then submit it to GMs for approval. All current actions that were not complete have been marked as drafts and will need to have the missing fields added and then resubmitted. Action points are charged upon creating a draft, not submission, and are refunded when cancelled, so you won't be charged extra for existing actions.

@sheet/actions Now lists crisis actions and story actions of the past, and there's new sections of the web page for viewing things. The 'story' heading in the nav bar goes to the current story/chapters and links to crises that you're able to view that occurred in those chapters. Crisis updates list actions that you have access to, and they're now also linked off of character pages.