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Game Updates: 5/26 Combat Refactor

By NV on May 26, 2018, 7:41 a.m.

Although many of the latest changes to combat are backend adjustments to allow adding features in the next pass or for more staff/GMing tools, players might notice differences in presentation and mechanics. The most significant mechanical change from a player's point of view is that parry rolls are now based on the attacker's weapon rather than the defender's. Other stuff:

- surrender command to ask to leave combat if no one stops you.
- special action command to specify an action you're taking in GM'd combat, used for pooling rolls/managing actions in a more organized way. You can use one created by a GM for that fight, or do something entirely unique and let them arbitrate. This is currently in testing and its format will probably evolve based on GM feedback/preferences.

There's more support now for items/effects having combat implications. For example, items, characters, or rooms can have roll modifiers that only come up in certain situations, like fighting particular types of opponents. Similarly, there's now support for triggered effects that happen under specific conditions. There's also more support for GMs to administrate and control combat.

This was a very significant refactor so there could be bugs that managed to dodge our unit tests. Please let NV or Tehom know if you see anything that seems strange.