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Game Updates: 7/8 - haggle command

By tehom on July 8, 2018, 1:19 a.m.

I added a haggle command to the market to allow characters to attempt to barter for better deals. A 'haggling' skill has been added, which is now part of the initial skills for the merchant vocation, as well as several others.

The haggle ability has you make an initial roll when searching to find an npc buyer/seller for a deal, which checks against streetwise or economics, whichever is higher. This determines the maximum amount that can be moved in a transaction, while rolls higher than the amount you were shooting for grant a bonus to subsequent haggling rolls.

Haggling rolls affect the silver charged by npcs when buying, or silver gained when selling, modified by social clout and prestige. Nobles beware - haggling is considered beneath the nobility, and if noticed they will lose fame for trying to engage in it.