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Game Updates: Outfits Feature on 8/26

By NV on Aug. 26, 2018, 8:20 p.m.

I'm happy to announce the addition of Outfits! For usage, please see 'help' on wear, wield, outfit, and model commands to learn the switches for these features. Here are the updates in summary.
Equipment commands have some new behaviors:
- 'Remove' no longer sheathes weapons. Whether worn or wielded, it removes them to inventory.
- 'Undress' or 'remove all' does the same for all equipped gear.
- Regardless of 'wear' versus 'sheathe', decorative weapons (hairpins) are always classified as 'worn', and non-decorative weapons are 'sheathed'.
- 'Wear all' will attempt to equip everything from your inventory, in the order of slot_limit. (Items inside containers still don't count.)

Outfits can be created from the gear currently equipped on your character:
- You cannot add or remove items from outfits post-creation.
- Outfits can be worn or removed with a single command. (Items still must be in your inventory, and not in containers.)
- The command 'wear/outfit' will first undress your character before equipping the outfit.
- Viewing an outfit will disclose the location of its items.
- Viewing your collection of outfits will display the buzz generated by previously-modeled outfits, or appraise unmodeled outfits.
- Toggle an outfit to and from 'archived' status. This only affects the view of your collection.
- Deleting an outfit does not delete any items.
- Deleting items removes them from any outfits they were part of.
- Deleting the final item of an outfit means the outfit is deleted as well.

Modeling an item or outfit:
- Your location will see the buzz generated by this action as a room emit.
- While the amount of prestige is the same, the emit you recieve is magnified when modeling an outfit; it uses the cumulative fame of the outfit's items.
- An outfit that contains previously-modeled items will ask for confirmation to model it, if any of its items can still be modeled.
- As a vanity bonus, modeling an outfit grants its newly-modeled items the buzz label of the outfit's collective fame.
- Modeling an outfit while wearing a mask will reveal the wearer's identity.