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Game Updates: 1/1 - Healing changes

By tehom on Jan. 1, 2021, 10:43 p.m.

I've finished a revamp of healing in the game that should roll out shortly. The tldr is that healing is much, much slower, generally occurring once a day. When it runs, all damaged players get to make a recovery check to see if they heal at all, healing small to large amounts provided they don't botch. Healing is also improved if the character has received treatment via the +heal command - it uses the highest treatment roll they've received, with treatments lasting 5 iterations of the script. New treatments can't be applied by the same healer until they're used up, but there's currently no cost associated with trying.

Regaining consciousness is also delayed, but on a much faster cadence - checks about once every five minutes, with treatments there from heal/revive.

Additionally, wounds can now be taken from very serious large hits. There's two varieties - serious wounds, which can be erased by a crit from a healer's recovery treatments, and permanent wounds which persist. Plan is to allow people to erase permanent wounds through xp, but I haven't implemented that yet.