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Game Updates: Arx Sandbox and Thank You

By Apostate on Feb. 1, 2024, 12:39 p.m.

So with the wrap of the final big story of the game, Arx goes into a GMing hiatus as work begins on Arx 2. It's always hard to estimate how long a project like that will take, but ideally will be able to begin testing with players later this year. It will be a very far time skip, with the setting significantly different and new characters, and also a new code base.

For this version of Arx, it means it's now a low touch sandbox environment. The game will continue to stay up in a low touch environment without active staff support, so players are welcome to sandbox RP and pursue whatever stories they want, but they shouldn't expect any kind of GM response. I'll keep the game running, but I also won't do any kind of deeply involved work to support it. Which means if anything ever catastrophically breaks, that'll be it. So while I don't plan to take it down anytime soon, I'd really encourage everyone to save anything they want to keep now- logs, events, action responses, etc.

With that in mind, if anyone wants access to an old character to retrieve stuff, I'm also fine with that, and I'll give whoever access if they want to grab old RP records for nostalgia's sake or pop into the sandbox.

All that said, I want to say thank you to everyone. When I started work on Arx over 8 years ago, I thought it would be a small game for a few friends. I never planned for it to become what it did, and it was the tremendous creative energy inside this community which made that happen. It was a privilege to create stories with so many truly gifted writers over the years, and there's quite a bit I'm very proud of. I made tons of mistakes, and have a lot of regrets as well, and in the times I fell short- I'm really sorry, and I hope you're all doing well, and still enjoying creating, whether in this hobby or elsewhere. But I think the end of Arx I couldn't have asked for better, and I'll never stop being impressed by how positive the environment was and how great the final stories were. So for you folks at the end, I'm very grateful.

Thanks again, everyone. I'll be around on the sandbox- not a lot, since I'll be busy working on the next version of the game. Look forward to seeing you in the future.