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Game Updates: Recent Updates: 9/23

By tehom on Sept. 24, 2016, 12:05 a.m.

We finished the conversion to the new server, and most of the bugs relating to that have been fixed.

Known Issues:
-The text pagination function in evennia that I've started to use for the @roster command can be confusing. It covers character commands until ended with 'a' for abort, which means trying to 'look' will return the player version that informs you that you're currently OOC, despite being IC.

-A particularly pernicious bug is somewhere in the caching code. When the cache is flushed, it can cause errors with objects not being seen in the contents of others - in this case, characters showing up in rooms. The net result of this is that characters can be unable to communicate with each other if it happens, since the room won't believe they're in the same space.

The @clues command now permits you to /share clues with other players to reflect what you've told them about various secrets that you know. It's a good way to track what a character can now in-character, and does record who shared the @clue with them.

@settings now allows you to set an 'lrp' flag (and you can just use 'lrp' as an alias for the command) to show in the who list that you're currently looking for a scene. The 'who' command accepts filters such as the start of someone's name, or the following flags: 'lrp', 'staff', or 'afk'. The +watch command will now highlight the names of characters who are currently logged in.

The 'undress' command was added (thanks, Talen!) for speedily removing all worn/wielded objects for wardrobe-swapping.