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An Introduction


Welcome to Arx, After the Reckoning! Arx is a text-based roleplaying game, where every player participates in a collaborative narrative, guiding characters whose individual stories can and will impact the world and change the course of the overarching shared story of the game.

Arx is set in an original fantasy world, inspired by works such as Joe Abercrombie's 'First Law' series and George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones. It tells a story of intrigue and adventure between the six great noble houses and the crown as they deal with a world where magic and myth has been long forgotten.

1. "How do I connect?"
--Click the 'Play Online' button on the webpage here: or download a client such as Potato (for PCs) or Atlantis (for Macs). Our telnet is port 3000.

2. "How do I get a character and get started playing?"

3. "What are the first things I should do once I get my character?"

4. "How do I communicate with other players and characters?"

5. "How do I move around the game and join scenes?"

6. "How do I learn about the game world and the story?"
--Arx has a lush and detailed game lore. You can review the lore on the website here under "Lore Topics".: When you are logged into Arx, you can also type 'lore/search [topic]' to research questions you might have.
--The metaplot is the overarching game story. You can learn more about it here:
--Finally, Arx is broken up into seasons and chapters. You can read about major events in past seasons here:

7. "How do I find roleplay? What are the roleplaying commands, and how do I get started building relationships with other characters?"

8. "How do I progress my character? What's xp, and what are the incentives to roleplay?"
--In addition to the obvious fun and advantages to building relationships and alliances, see

9. "How do I GM scenes or interact with the big plots shaping the world?"
--Arx has systems to help players and staff keep track of ongoing storylines. See

10. "I want to play a crafter. How do I do that? How do I get a shop as a crafter, or how do I build a home or other establishment in general?"
--See for setting up a home or shop and see for how to craft in game.

11. "I need to talk to staff for some reason."
--Please feel free to. See for a heads up on what goes where.

12. "What is a MUSH or MU-like roleplaying game?"