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Arx Systems Guide

Welcome to Arx! Below are some of our in-game systems to facilitate IC and OOC interaction.

* Communication & Messengers (+help communication guide & +help messenger)
    There are multiple ways to communicate in and out of character on Arx. Pages and @mails are OOC forms. Messengers are an IC method to immediately communicate with another character, be it by courier or carrier pigeon or any such reasonable delivery method. Can deliver written notes or crafted objects.

* Combat (+help combat)
    Physical combat between characters is automated, and encompasses both hand to hand combat and weaponized combat with the use of weapon objects.

* Crafting (+help crafting introduction)
    By using raw materials, crafters can create objects such as clothing, furniture, and weapons for use by other characters.

* Shop (+help shop - available in a room with a shopkeeper, +help manageroom - set up a shopkeeper, - +help manageshop - put items and recipes up for sale)
    Shopkeepers can put up coded items for sale, and allow other characters to create objects of their own design in the store through the crafter's expertise.

* Build (+help housing and shops guide)
    Characters with enough resources may build their own establishments, or add rooms on to existing buildings with the appropriate permissions.

* Task (+help task)
    Methods to generate economic, military, and social resources by performing tasks and garnering support for organizations.

* Prestige (Coming Soon)
    Social clout earned or lost through praises and disses, setting a lifestyle via +home/lifestyle, and various other means.

* Bank (+help bank - available only when located at the Bank of Arx in the Ward of the Compact at coordinates 1, 3)
    The system that stores currency and material resources for individuals and organizations. Can also automate recurring payments to characters.

* Investigation (+help investigations guide)
    A system to unravel the IC clues, revelations, and mysteries to be found in Arx.

* Social (Coming Soon)
    Commands and skills, including but not limited to manipulation and persuasion, that may be used alongside (never in place of) roleplay to help sway other character actions.

* Agents (Coming Soon)