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Assets Guide

Inventory (i)
    You can see how much money, materials, and resources you have on your person at any given time by typing 'inventory' or 'i'. Money and materials must be on your person to be sent to another character, or used while shopping, and is reflected in the 'Money' section of your inventory as 'coins worth a total of 1000 silver pieces'. If you have no coin on you, this 'Money' section will not appear in your inventory. Bank Account reflects what you have stored in the bank, and the amount is not accessible if you're out and about. You must withdraw in person at the bank before you can put the silver or materials to use.

Banks (+help bank - these commands are only available in the bank, at coords 1,3)

    When you get to the bank, the first thing you should do is see the overview of your account by typing 'bank'. You should see something like this:

| Owner | Balance | Net | Materials | Econ | Soc | Mil |
| | | Income | | | | |
| Juno | 10000 | 500 | | 17 | 20 | 5 |
| | | | 5 high quality | | | |
| | | | pelt, 1 common | | | |
| Cupcakes | 500000 | 75000 | cloth, 2 luxury | 150 | 300 | 125 |
| | | | metal, 20 low | | | |
| | | | quality cloth | | | |

    Owner: Personal or organization name
    Balance: Displays current silver amount
    Net Income: How much income that account receives every week
    Materials: What, if any, crafting materials have been stored
    Econ: Economic Resources
    Soc: Social Resources
    Mil: Military Resources

Each character has a 'personal' account, but they may also be affiliated with organizations that have provided access. Juno has access to her own account, and also the hypothetical Cupcakes organization account. Bank commands default to using your personal account when withdrawing or depositing if you don't specify, so make sure you use the appropriate account holder name as needed when using the commands below.

Money (Silver)
    bank/deposit <amount>[=<account holder name>]
    bank/withdraw <amount>[=<account holder name>]

Crafting Materials (Hide, silk, metals, etc.)
    bank/depositmats <type>,<amt>=<account holder name>
    bank/withdrawmats <type>,<amt>=<account holder name>

Resources (Economic, Social, Military)
    bank/withdrawres <type>,<amt>=<account holder name>
    bank/depositres <type>,<amt>=<account holder name>

Payments (Weekly salaries, stipends, etc.)
    bank/payments <sender>,<amt>=<receiver>
    bank/endpayment <#>
    bank/adjustpayment <#>=<new amount>

Organizational Income
    If you are being paid by one or more organizations, your income will appear in the Net Income column under your personal account. This amount is paid weekly from the organization's coffers, and can be added or changed by the organization's IC leaders.

Economic Resources
    In order to build a home, a character must utilize Economic Resources. These can be earned through tasks (see +help tasks) or purchased through the market at the City Center (0,0) (help market) via market/economic # at a rate of 500 silver per. Don't forget that you can utilize organization resources for organization affiliated builds (e.g. another room in the family estate.) Please reference 'help housing and shops' for more information on building.