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Be Cool

The simplest way to sum up our gaming philosophy is just 'be cool'. All we mean by that is the game is, at its heart, a collaborative storytelling environment. When someone creates a character, we ask they think about how they'd enjoy playing the character, but also what makes their character enjoyable to interact with. And the same goes for all stories and interactions, both IC and OOC, that players are always conscientious of what about their interactions would be fun for the people around them. So if something is obviously going to ruin someone else's day, or make them not want to play, think long and hard about whether it is completely necessary to the story- antagonism and conflict will happen and is important to the story, but it should never be done flippantly or carelessly.

This also extends to OOC, both treatment and conversations. Do not assume the worst of your fellow players (and staff!). If you are talking to people OOC, ask yourself "would I enjoy receiving this page?" If you wouldn't, don't send it. We are very serious about this rule. Just be considerate and understanding of your fellow players.

While it is not a rule, I always suggest people limit their OOC interaction with other players, ESPECIALLY when it comes to discussion of rp/character motivations. Handle these things strictly IC, and I can all but guarantee the drama in your online life will diminish.