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A game of stories like Arx is a collaborative experience with both staff and players helping to weave stories through their role-playing. We do not expect all players to always get along, and there is bound to be conflicts from time to time as players get invested in their stories and disagree or deal with disappointments or frustration. We do not expect all players to be friends, but it is reasonable to expect all players to treat each other with a degree of civility and to avoid unnecessary provocations even if they passionately disagree.

We're interested in promoting a positive environment that is accessible to a great many players. Anything that would be inappropriate in a gaming store would likewise be inappropriate in our OOC channels. No one cares about a little vulgarity, but someone going on a racist or sexist rant would really not be okay. Similarly, while we have little interest in policing the private RP messages of players, we expect any public RP held on publicly accessible grid squares to refrain from anything more explicit than the equivalent of a PG-13 rating.
It's usually a terrible idea to talk OOCly about the roleplay and IC actions of others. Believe me when I say that ooc commentary about whether someone was smart or bad or messed everything up causes endless drama and it's as rude as it is unhelpful. Don't do it.