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Creating New Orgs

We'll create new organizations for players, but with a few stipulations. We wish to make sure that they'll create RP and story for members of the org and those that interact with them, and orgs once created will never be deleted except for extraordinary reasons, so we wish to make certain they'll sustain through the waxing and waning of interest. So for any new org I'd want a +request listing:

1. A minimum of 6 players committed to joining the new organization, or if it's a new house being CG'd to replace an NPC placeholder, at least 4 players creating CGs for the new house, with all of those initial CGs listed as rosterable.
2.A thematic writeup and pitch for the new org, with the org's words, sigil, and a description and history of the org.
3.A compelling reason for what the org brings that isn't covered by other orgs, and what NPCs would be members of the organization, how many there are, and whether the org is secret or not.
4. No orgs that contained within other orgs- they have to have a much larger overlap and range than that. They can't be say, the house guard of a specific org, or ones that perform identical functions to another non-house org. For non-house orgs, no more than half of the initial members can be members of the same fealty, and the org cannot be designed to be exclusively focused on the fealty.
5. The leader cannot be a rank 1 in another organization.
6. A list of 'work' suggestions with alternate skills, the economic/social/military modifiers of the org (5 points total, with none higher than 3 in a single category).
7: What RP and stories they'll create for the members and any other orgs interacting with them., and at least 3 examples of PRPs that could be run for the org.

Just put all that in a +request asking for a new org, and we'll review it.