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Fade To Black

'FTB' or 'fade-to-black' is a reference to the end of a movie scene or TV show by cutting away or fading from an implied ending, so the viewer implicitly knows what occured but is not explicitly shown the details. In role-playing scenes, it is similarly used for players to voluntarily avoid going into any details about a scene that players would rather avoid, either due to discomfort with the subject matter or simply wishing to skip details due to time or lack of interest.

Players are always free to fade-to-black any scene that makes them personally uncomfortable, such as due to having implied sexual or violent content. If a player wishes to fade, it is extremely inappropriate to argue or discourage their decision and attempt to convince them to play something they are not comfortable with, do not do this.

Arx is a game of consequential RP where character actions can and will impact the game world, and can result in dramatic changes in the lives of characters whether as boons or killing them. The consequences of an action need to stand, but the RP surrounding it is supposed to be fun- there's no reason to make players all play out a scene that's miserable when everyone knows the result. So FTB is an option for painful scenes, even though the consequences are never mitigated.

Likewise, if all players know how a scene will go and wish to skip the details and move on and agree with the consequences in exactly the same way, that's fine, but do not do this as a way of handwaving IC communication entirely and relying only upon OOC communication, characters must have the chance to communicate critical information if they tend to act upon it IC. See 'help messenger' for a common IC method of communication between characters that are too busy to meet in person.