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Historical Accuracy

The world of Arx bears many similarities to any number of fantasy worlds set in a nebulous medieval-like, Middle Ages seeming era, embracing many of the same tropes that makes that time period celebrated. But while we want the world to be accessible and intuitive to fans of historical pieces, it is very important to understand that we don't truly strive for realism, and there can be a jarring disconnect between hardcore fans of historical realism and those who are much bigger fans of narratives set in medieval fantasy. When it comes down to realism vs an entertaining narrative for Arx, the entertainment and fun will win out every single time, and this can be very disappointing to the most ardent fans of historical realism. But we just aren't going to have characters randomly die of consumption, enforce the most taxing aspects of medieval life, or want to shatter someone's character concept on the basis that their idealistic model mirroring popular tropes in fantasy fictions might be impossible.

More importantly, it's expected that even the most die hard fans of historical pieces don't ruin anyone else's fun. If someone has read about every armor in existence and knows minutiae to the nth degree, don't try to explain to someone why their ideas won't work- that's no more fun or entertaining than watching a sci fi movie with friends with advanced degrees that want to point out every scene why something is impossible. Don't rain on anyone else's parade. Just let it go and try to enjoy the game.