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Housing And Shops Guide

Are you tired of being homeless? Look no further! This guide will walk you through the steps to create your own space on the grid. For today's example, you've just been declared Baron(ess) of House Alpaca, and you're looking to whip up construction for your new estate in Arx. First thing's first: make sure you have sufficient resources, and select a grid space that is acceptable for building. If you find that you cannot use the following commands in your desired location, but you think the build's location makes sense, please send in a +request to staff.

The first room of each build costs 100 economic resources, with every room after that increasing in cost by 25 per additional room. For example: a second room will cost 125, a third room will cost 150, and so on.

PLEASE NOTE that it is forbidden to build any sort of fortified building inside of Arx. No castles, towers, reinforced walls, fortresses, moats, etc...

As to how to get resources, they can be bought from other player characters, at the City Center market, gained in tasks or from votes, and they represent an abstraction of influence in the city, say with merchants or stockpiled handwaved goods. Once you have them, either through roleplay or turning silver into resources, you then proceed as follows:

1. Initiate Build (+buildroom/org and +buildroom)

Cleverly, you decide that the first room that people enter from the street should be the Great Hall. From your selected build location, you should use the +buildroom/org command for org affiliated construction (family homes, family shops, etc.) or +buildroom if the build is completely independent out of your own private funds.

Let's break down the command:

+buildroom/org Org Name/Room Name=Entrance Name;Entrance Alias 1;Entrance Alias 2, Exit Name;Exit Alias 1;Exit Alias 2

    Org Name: Alpaca
    Room Name: {yArx {g- Ward of House Grayson - Alpaca Chateau - Great Hall{n
    Entrance Name: Alpaca Chateau <AC>
    Entrance Aliases: Alpaca Chateau;ac
    Exit Name: Out <O>
    Exit Aliases: out;o

So, you would enter something like the following:

    +buildroom/org Alpaca/{yArx {g- Ward of House Grayson - Alpaca Chateau - Great Hall{n=Alpaca Chateau <AC> ;ac;alpaca chateau, Out <O>out;o

The color codes are not included by default, and it's very important that you add them in. It is also critical that you end the name with {n, because otherwise the color will bleed into the name of everyone in the room and no one wants that, right? Below is a list of all the ward's various colors.

Ward Color Codes:

    Arx: {y
    Compact: {g
    Crown: {y
    Boroughs (Upper & Lower): {g
    Grayson: {g
    Thrax: {025
    Redrain: {r
    Valardin: {015
    Velenosa: {115

2. Managing Rooms (+manageroom)

Remember to be reasonable with your builds. A serf's hovel probably shouldn't have 10 different rooms, be located in the swankiest part of the city, or describe the walls as being lined with gold. To manage your brand new room, use the following commands:

    +manageroom/desc <description: The grandest room of House Alpaca is none other than the Great Hall. The floors are covered with fuzzy white rugs. The room smells strongly of lavender and livestock.>
    +manageroom/name <name>: Does exactly as it sounds! It gives you the ability to change the room's name in the event you've made a mistake.
    +manageroom/exitname <exit>=<new name>: Rename the exits -- remember to use semi-colons afterward to include the aliases you desire, like so: Secret Room <SR>SR;secret room
    +manageroom/addhome <character>: Allows you to designate that room as another character's home. It requires them to type +manageroom/confirmhome on their end, so be sure to do this while they are online.
    +manageroom/rmhome <character>: Kicking someone out? This removes the character's home connection to the room you're in. Use with discretion.
    +manageroom/toggleprivate: Newly built rooms default to being flagged as 'private' and won't appear on the +where. If it's a public room, such as a shop or banquet hall, use this command to flag it appropriately.
    +manageroom/adddecorator: Need someone to spruce up the place, move around furniture and touch up the descriptioin of the room? This will let them do that.
    +manageroom/setbarracks: Allows the hiring of guards and other @agents, the adorable animal pets or dangerous guards following people around.
    +manageroom/addbouncer: A bouncer has the ability to use the +manageroom/ban command to bar someone from access and the +manageroom/boot command to kick someone out of the room.

Shop Edition: +manageroom/addshop <character>, +manageroom/confirmshop, and +manageroom/rmshop <character> work just like the home versions.

3. Shopkeeper Commands (+manageshop)

Say you've got a fancy shop set up. Now what? Time to sell your swag! You can also set up your shop to be available for characters to 'make' items through your shop while you're offline, while still profiting fabulously.

    +manageshop: Displays the list of items that you have put up for sale.
    +manageshop/sellitem <object>=<price>: Put your stuff up for sale, make some dough.
    +manageshop/rmitem <object id>: Using the number off +manageshop, you can remove an item from the shop floor.
    +manageshop/all <markup percentage>: Adds all your recipes and determines how much extra it costs someone to craft an item through your shop.
    +manageshop/refinecost <percentage>: In addition to the base markup, how much extra it costs someone to create a higher quality product when crafting through your shop.
    +manageshop/addrecipe <recipe name>=<markup percentage>: Allows you to change the markup price for specific recipes.
    +manageshop/rmrecipe <recipe name>: Do you really hate hats and don't want anyone to make them through you? No problem. Ban hats to your heart's content.
    +manageshop/addblacklist <player or org name>: Don't want a particular someone, or group of someones, rifling through your shop? Ban them with this command.
    +manageshop/rmblacklist <player or org name>: Change your mind? Use this.
    +manageshop/orgdiscount <org name>=<percentage>: Do you just love a particular group so much that you want to sell things cheaper to them? How kind!
    +manageshop/chardiscount <char name>=<percentage>: Maybe it's only a single character you love so much you want to cut them a discount!