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Movement Guide

For anyone new to MUs, the game world is divided into separate rooms, each room containing any number of player characters that can interact with other characters in the same room. All the rooms together is often described as 'the grid'.

Basic Movement
    To find out where you are, in case the room got lost in backscroll, type 'look' or 'l' to get a glimpse of the room you're in. At the bottom of every room is a line titled 'Exits' that lists all the available directions you can move in. Seeing an exit named The Palace <TP> means you can use 'TP' as the alias to go that way -- just look for the angle brackets! Cardinal Directions such as South or North West can also be easily abbreviated as 'S' or 'NW'. Most indoor rooms have the exit leading back towards the outermost public grid aliased to 'o' or 'out', so when indoors characters can usually type 'o' repeatedly to move to the outdoors.

    This command can be used in any public room, or in any private room not containing other people. It's a command to teleport your character immediately to his assigned home. Essentially this is an IC handwaving of heading home as a time saver. It's not intended to escape consequences and the like, so it cannot be used in combat.

As homes can be locked, the 'pass' command will let someone pass through an exit they already have a key to. For example, if an exit is named 'Bob's room <BR>' then 'pass br' will let bob walk through the door without having to type 'unlock br' 'br' 'and then lock it when inside.

    This command is not available inside buildings, so if you're getting the "There is no map available at your current location", don't fret. Go 'out' as much as you can until you hit an outdoor grid space, then the command should be available.

    You'll see that the map is divided into 8 areas that encircle a 9th, large chunk of the city, which just so happens to be the Ward of the Compact. Around that, starting from the North West and going clockwise:

        * Valardin Ward (VA)
        * Redrain Ward (RR)
        * Thrax Ward (TR)
        * Upper Boroughs (UB)
        * Lower Boroughs (LB)
        * Crown Ward (CR)
        * Velenosa Ward (VE)
        * Grayson Ward (GG)

    Know where you want to go, you're just not sure how to get there? Use the @directions command! Typing '@directions Palace' will show you a list of Palace matches, and tell you what direction to head in. Every time you move a grid space, it will continue to tell you how to get to that room until you get there or type '@directions/off'. You'll never be lost again!

Follow / Ditch
    Want to follow another character? Easy. Type 'follow Celine' to tag along as she drives all night. Type 'follow' again once you've had your fill and want to stop. Celine can type 'ditch' at any time if she wants to leave you on the side of the road and make you stop following.

    The 'where' command allows a player to get a convenient list of all players currently in public rooms. This is a tool to help players see where they can go, and to drop in for roleplay, particularly when combined with the @directions command. 'where' also has filters that let you sort the list if you are looking for players, such as 'where/watch' will show just people on your watch list, 'where/randomscene' will show anyone that you could claim for a @randomscene xp credit as a reward for RPing with them, and 'where/shops' will help you find shops you might need to visit to buy goods or craft them. Similarly the '+hangouts' command are public rooms that are popular RP hubs, and players are encouraged to go there to find random RP.