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Arx is a MUSH. You assume the role of a character and interact with other players to tell stories ranging from world-saving heroics to intimate stories of personal character development that give the larger stories meaning. One character might be a princess trying to help her dishonored house rise back to glory, another might be a criminal with dark allies he can't quite control, another might be a scholar finding out uncomfortable truths, or any of a hundred stories that all overlap in the same shared world and change and influence each others' own stories.

Arx is a collaborative game that combines freeform, text-based roleplaying with automated tools for players to impact the game world. These tools - tools like the ability to write 'journals' that other players can view and persist with your character or to spend 'xp' to reflect what your character excels at - make it easier and more fun to tell stories with other players.

Is this your first time playing in a MUSH? We are here to help you so that you can quickly get to playing the game and telling your character's story.

1. The GUEST channel. The game will walk you through how to get your first character, step-by-step. If you get stuck, type 'guest [your question]' and someone will help you. Example: guest I don't understand how to pick a roster character.

2. HELP files. Arx maintains help files that explain how to use different tools in the game. Type 'help [topic]' to learn more. Example: help emit

3. The INFO channel. Once you get your character, ask for help by typing 'info [your question]' and one of the other players will jump in to assist. Example: info I'm locked in my room. What do I do?

1. "What is the difference between In Character (IC) and Out of Character (OOC)?"
-- Arx lets you write as your character (IC) and it also lets you communicate with other players to schedule times to play together, plan out stories, or just to check in and say hi (OOC). Some tools are meant for IC communincation, others for OOC. You can see them all in the Communication Guide:

2. "What is a scene?"
-- A scene is anytime two or more characters are playing together. Whether having drinks at the tavern, sparring at the training center, or planning to stop pirates from looting your lands, all of these interactions happen during a 'scene'.

3. "What is the grid?"
--The grid is the game world. It is the city of Arx. It is where you will meet up with other characters and roleplay. Each location on the grid is called a 'room' and the rooms could be anything from a tavern to a training circle to a garden. To learn how to move around the grid and find other players, see the Movement Guide:

There could be dozens of different public or private RP scenes going on at any one time, and your character can choose which ones to involve themselves in, which stories to pursue, ultimately tell stories which have ripple effects on other ones.

4. "What is chron?"
--Chron is a automatic event that happens once a week on GMT Monday morning/US Sunday night. After chron you might get a message saying that your character got paid or that you were awarded XP. You don't have to do anything for chron to happen; it runs for all players at the same time.

5. "What is Arx's code base?"
-- Arx uses Evennia.