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Arx is a fundamentally collaborative game, about trying to tell stories together that entertain and feel meaningful. Conflict is part of those stories, but at Arx's heart is a game that demands consideration of others, and being very certain that any conflict is fun for other players as fellow collaborators on a giant shared story.

We'll never have fully unrestricted PVP. If a character wants to kill one another, it really should be something that the story demands. Ending someone else's story is very much a last resort. Staff may question the reasoning of players to make sure it is something very justified and makes sense in the story, and it is a result of risks and actions taken by the character that results in a narrative that necessitates it.

If players are oocly upset at one another, we frankly don't want them engaging in any antagonistic rp at all with one another. It colors the RP too much, and makes the IC interactions worse. We'd rather PVP, when it happens, come from a collaborative or at least neutral mindset.

We are very, very, very unlikely to accept +requests of trying to kill other characters off screen. If an old enemy has idled out, and their continued existence is inhibiting RP, then possibly, but otherwise it would be expected to be resolved by players using code in game, with all the risks implicit to combat code.

That said, the reason something like the Champions thematically exist is to create RP and to allow characters to de-escalate trivial fights. If someone is intentionally not making any attempt to de-escalate something, then the story better be compelling and fun for those involved. The mark of a great roleplayer after all is being able to mold and direct the flow of story in a way that makes perfect sense to the character and their motivations, staying true to the narrative, while also making it fun for others.