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Plot Involvement Guide

Hello! I want to write a file that might help people who are unsure how to get involved with the metaplot of Arx. I'll be covering two things: general plot involvement, and NPC involvement.

General plot involvement:

There are a lot of ways to go about this, but they all hinge on having some kind of hook. Luckily, we supply (by request) metaplot hook secrets to every OC created on Arx. If you have built an OC and want a secret hook, just put in a regular +request for one! And then please be patient with us.

Once you have something that interests your character, you can look into it a few ways.
1. You can start up or join a +investigation (explained in depth in "help investigations guide").
2. You can put in a action (help @action - guide coming!) - which is something that merits GM intervention, like: 'I want to attempt to lick this frog and see what happens', or 'I am donating one billion dollars to the KILL THE TREES fund', or 'hey could I possibly get a meeting with/letter from X from my past', etc.
3. You can also put in an action on any active +crisis that are listed with that command. Check out "help crisis action guide' for a very in depth look at those.

The other option is to seek out interaction with an NPC. This is going to have its own paragraph because it has its own caveat. So, if you hear of a cool sorcerer or a horrible demon lord or a particularly sullen elf wandering around, you can ask for a scene with them! The simplest way to do this is just send them a messenger. We can usually abstract/handwave a way for it to get to them - and if we can't, the worst that will happen is an apologetic page explaining that. Now for the caveat:

NPCs are character run by GMs. They are usually far outside the scope of players, be it in faction/allegiance, or skill/power. They have their own distinct personalities, wants, fears, and goals. We are very happy to play NPCs for those who seek them out, but the onus is on you the player to treat the interaction like real RP. NPCS are not answer/plot dispensers. They are fully fleshed out characters and they are run by human beings who rp for fun. So, like any rp interaction you have, it is very important that you go into it with the goal of making it fun and/or interesting for ALL parties involved. Short version: if you don't make it fun or interesting for your rp partner, they will likely not want to rp with you again, NPC or not.