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Policy Introduction

Arx is a game of stories. Our goal is to create an environment that encourages and supports roleplay to tell a cohesive and unified shared story of the game, while providing a format that lets players pursue their own separate lower key stories. In order to foster a collaborative atmosphere, we do have a few general policies. Each has a help file describing our philosophy behind the decision.

1. Adults only. All players of Arx must be 18 years of age or older, and so must their roleplaying characters. See 'help Player Age'

2 Civil behavior OOC. If something said is likely to get someone thrown out of a place of business irl, it would also not be okay here. Avoid explicit behavior in public areas. See 'help Civility'

3. Fade To Black. No player is ever required to RP out something that makes them uncomfortable, though this does not mitigate IC consequences. See 'help Fade to Black'

4. No storylines based around or incorporating rape or sexual violence. See 'help Prohibited Themes'

5. With restrictions, players have multiple characters or 'alts'. Only one may start as a noble. See 'help Alt Policy'.

6. It is not permitted to act on information a character could not know In Character that has been gained solely through 'out of character' sources. A reasonable effort should be made to keep everything immersive if possible. See 'help RP Etiquette'.

7. While there's no true expectation of privacy, staff will make a reasonable effort to safeguard player privacy as much as possible. 'Outing' other player alts is not okay. See 'help Privacy'.