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Retiring Characters

Players might want to give up a character for any number of reasons, and it's perfectly fine to put in a +request saying they want their character rostered and are stepping away. That said, there's a good amount of work in shelving characters and creating them, and it can be very disruptive storylines, so we have a few guidelines.

1. Like how players are permitted only 2 characters, they can only have two Originally Created characters of their own design. If they want to retire one and make another, and they already have created two characters, one has to be permanently removed whether it's adding it to the roster or deletion/permanently freezing. This is due to the huge amount of effort that goes into helping create OCs, and also wanting to limit an extremely disruptive revolving door effect of characters entering and leaving the same stories constantly.

2. Unspent XP earned while on a character can be transferred to a next alt. If someone idles out, and their only character is rostered, it'll be waiting for the player on the next character they pick. This only applies to unspent xp earned by that player.