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Action Points

In an effort to curb people from simultaneously doing all the things and to reward specialization, there is an 'action point' system that is intended to represent how much activity your character can generate in a given week. You receive 150 points a week, plus 20 per unused action, plus 5 per unused assist, plus 20 for no active investigation, minus 10 points per org membership (with multiple orgs in the same fealty or other chain only counting once), up to a maximum of 300, to do with as you will, and certain actions will deduct from it. Additionally, some commands will allow you to invest more points in order to (hopefully) have better results.

* Taking an @action costs 200 points.
* Assisting someone else's @action costs 100 points.
* Marking an investigation as active costs 50 points - 5*investigation.
* Starting a new investigation on a subject that requires a new clue to be written costs 100 points (in addition to the cost of activating the investigation).
* Assisting an investigation costs 10 points.
* Running the work command costs 15 points.
* Running the work/invest command costs 5 points.
* Sharing a clue costs an amount based on your social stats, social skills, and investigation skill (100/(social stats + social skills + investigation * 3)).
* Adding a clue to an organization costs (20 - 2 * the org's social mod). An org's social mod is listed under @org. Briefing a player with an org clue costs (the character's clue sharing cost / (org's social mod + 4)) + 1.
* Crafting an item costs 2 points.
* Training someone is free up to your weekly maximum (1 for teaching/animal ken of 0-2, 2 for 3-4, 3 for 5). After that, it costs 100 - 15*skill, where skill is the higher of animal ken or teaching.
* Modeling an item or outfit costs 1 point per item.
* Using donate or donate/hype costs 1 point.
* Praising a character costs 1 point.