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Becoming A Guide

A guide or a playerhelper is a player who assists staff. On Arx, their responsibilities are mostly to answer basic questions for other players, particularly about theme and reviewing roleplaying scenes for thematic consistency in ways staff just doesn't have time to do so. Mostly, this will involve passing on recommendations from social scenes to make certain there's no thematic drift in the setting, and providing context to nominations for Vox Populi adjusts so staff is more aware of what adjustments might be appropriate whether negative or positive. If a player feels they have an extremely strong grasp of theme, is active and enjoys attending public events they can give feedback on, and enjoys answering questions, then they can apply to be a guide. Just put in a request about a guide app and answer the following questions in the request so we can get a better feel for you and if we think you might make a good fit.

1. What parts of theme do you like the most? What parts of theme do you dislike?

2. What are some instances you've seen thematic drift personally?

3. Who's a non-fictional woman that's not related to you that you'd describe as smarter than you?