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An ancient law of Arx is unambiguous, "To consort with demons or to work magic shall be punishable by death." And yet, there are countless alchemists, witches, hedge wizards, seers, diviners, fortune tellers, and a dozen other names for the practitioner of the many forms of hedge magic. In truth, despite the claims of the wonders that their charms and spells will cause, or the accuracy of their fortune telling readings, these individuals are constantly shielded from that ancient law precisely because they are considered charlatans. The poorest and least educated might actually believe the trinkets they buy will do some good, but the vast majority humor them, and it's just as well. Better to be thought a fraud than to be executed, after all. Despite occasional fiery denunciations by the most conservative in the Oathlands, most commoners see little harm in innocent folk magic.