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A representation of how easily a character can win over others, in terms of charm and personality. This is not a measure of physical attractiveness which has no stat, and someone can feel free to make an utterly repulsive personality as pretty as they like. As a scale:

0: Foaming at the mouth, incoherent psychotic.
1: That individual that seems to miss all social cues, can't take a hint, and isn't sure why no one invites them to the parties.
2: A mix of charming and infuriating traits that makes up the vast majority of average individuals.
3: The much resented likable, popular individuals.
4: Master salesmen, conmen, or manipulators. Experts at winning over others.
5: "Well normally I wouldn't trust someone with my life savings, but in your case..."
6: "I saw pale kings and princes too, Pale warriors, death-pale were they all; They cried 'La Belle Dame sans Merci / Thee hath in thrall!'"