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Arx is the wealthiest city of Arvum, a fact not lost at all upon the destitute and forgotten inhabitants of the Boroughs. While some nobles and organizations make a sincere attempt at charitable aid, there is no true social net for any of the unfortunate that find themselves in dire straits. While most in the feudal society can seek assistance from their immediate lord, that possibility is not available for a great number in Arx who find themselves lordless and out of options. While technically anyone in the city at all is there illegally unless they have sworn fealty to the crown (usually through one of the vassal houses), in practice the Iron Guard has little interest in policing the Boroughs provided the poor and hopeless keep out of their hair. Largely abandoned, criminals of all sorts grow under the shadow of Arx- some fighting for survival, and some prospering and just as happy that the light is seldom shined on their activities.