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A character's description is a publicly viewable appearance for a character. It should be noted that the 'charm' statistic of characters is not a representation of attractiveness, so players setting a description for their characters do not have to use that statistic to influence their writing. As a rule of thumb, we'd like descriptions to be general enough where they can accomodate different potential appearances of the character (clothing pieces are in game items and may change, for example), but still at least several sentences long to give a feel for the character. Standard etiquette for roleplaying writing applies- please avoid descs that assumes a reaction from a viewer, ('Princess Superlative is so beautiful every man that sees her instantly falls madly in love with her' or 'General Grimdark terrifies all who meet him'). If you'd like to write about an evocative reaction, keep it to softer terms that imply the possibility of a reaction rather than the assumption of one that might not be true. Feel free to use @sheet on other characters such as ones on the roster if you are writing and would like a basis for comparison, or by all means ask staff for assistance if you would like any help at all in writing a desc for your character. Also note that it is customary to avoid description of the character's clothing in a desc, since wearable items are obtained in game. Characters without the items are not considered nude, but simply wearing unexceptional, conventional clothing.