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"In the sight of Gloria, I do so vow: I pledge myself to valor, never shall I flee. I swear to protect the defenseless, or fall in the attempt. I give myself to justice, my honor will not bend."
-- An excerpt from the knighting of a templar of Gloria

In the feudal system of Arvum, knighthood is the institution that most of the great houses use to cultivate their champions and commanders. The concept of chivalry varies enormously from house to house, from the elaborate codified ceremonies and rituals in the great western house Valardin, to the practical approach of the northern house Redrain, they still share similarities. While it's common for nobles wishing to pursue a martial career to be knighted, knighthood also represents one of the very few methods for societal advancement for those of low birth. A commoner being knighted places them upon the lowest rung of the nobility, and knights often earn further distinction, being granted lands that could see them rise to a baron or higher. While the duties and codes of honor of knights vary wildly throughout Arvum (much to the unpleasant surprise of idealists), the opportunities the vocation presents is much more universal.