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Attempting to exploit potential psychological vulnerabilities of others in order to produce a desired result, as mastered by horrible people since time immemorial. Focused around redirecting or confusing others in particular.

0; Sometimes you can lie and people even believe you. Maybe. It's pretty awkward and uncomfortable.
1: The person that never stops talking about how much they hate that one thing. Maybe you can talk about how much you hate the thing too. Neat! You made a friend! Yay hatred!
2: You have a little trick you like to call Bold Faced Lying.
3: Boy, would be a shame if those people that already dislike one another were given more reason to do so in order to gain a lot of advantage from it.
4: The person that always seems to have everyone like them and have sympathy for them while every single person around them is miserable? Yeah it's probably not happenstance.
5: It doesn't really matter if it's a friend or enemy, you can give them the proper nudge to do whatever you like.
6: They despise you, are prepared for it, and still probably do what you want without knowing it.