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Vassal of Pravus

Words: "Always true."
Sigil: A threefold, endless knot
Nicknames: Trogen's band. Pravus's Prodigals. The Shavs of Setarco. The Loyal.

At the end of February 986, the leader of a substantial group of maritime Abandoned wed Sudara Pravus, was formally recognised as a noble himself, and brought his followers into the Compact. Since then the Truesworn have been one of the most unconventional elements within the Lycene domains: a group of Northern-culture barbarians, holding an isle on the border of Thrax in the Mourning Isles, and flying the Pravus flag above their own emblem.


Name Rank Title Description
Sudara 1 Truespeaker
Tenebrae 2 Voice
Ianthe 4 Trusted House Servants
Varosh 4 Trusted House Servants

Ruler: Sudara

Land Holdings


Description: Settled by the Truesworn, this island offers little in the way of standard Lycene luxuries or architectural styles: instead, it has a much more Northerly and 'frontier' feel. Still, their farms and lumber-mills are well-maintained, and they even operate a small shipyard and a mine.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.

Recently seen some infrastructure improvements due to the efforts of Lady Sudara Pravus. The fortress of Tenebrae's Towers have been massively reinforced.