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Redwood Mercenary Company

Words: "If you've gone the stomach, or the back for the work. We got the coin to pay you."
Sigil: A tree trunk bearing a carving of an Axe within it.

Not a large company by any means, nor one many would argue is that elite or prestigious. The Redwoods tend to be known as friends of the Commoners, often found in the fringes of the Kingdom fighting for the smaller settlements against Shavs and other forms of banditry that plague the lands.

None of the members dance within the realm of peerdom, coming off the sense of group is very much that of the common man. The rumor is the Redwoods were first created as a villages makeshift militia to fend off a group of bandits, and managed to win in such a large scale that they decided they could go about doing this for other villages. Membership is compromised of former farmers, impoverish commoners, and barely adults who still dream of glory yet not traveled well enough to see things on a larger scale. While not the richest they often take contracts where few actually consider helping due to wealth of the area and never taking more then they can afford.

Despite it's large draw, the Redwoods outside of the northern fringe where their concentration is the largest are most often seen operating in smaller teams on the western fringe, rarely larger then fifteen men. The reality behind that is due to the Redwood initial training they tend to suffer from heavy turn over. As well as similar issues where current members either fall in battle, end up leaving to either pursue one of the knighthood chapters, or on towards another company where they make more coin closer to the heart of the kingdom guarding caravans of established merchants, or occasionally defecting towards the life of banditry themselves.

After rumors of a mission gone very wrong, the leadership of the Redwoods gathered together and decided with the constant problems they faced. It was time for a change, and while unwilling to promise in the groups recent desire they have decided to establish themselves into Arx proper. Not only in hopes of appealing towards the commoners of the city for more boots, but in the hopes that in the melting pot that is Arx the more lucrative contracts can come to the surface and bring forth a movement that will allow the group overall to thrive once more.


Name Rank Title Description
Ajax 1 Captain
Karak 3 Head Ranger
Emmerly 4 Sergeant
Kanean 7 Redwood Veteran
Jinnean 7 Redwood Veteran
Zeia 8 Redwood Regular
Meesha 8 Redwood Regular
Rikako 8 Redwood Regular
Kheun 9 Redwood Specialist
Leonaess 10 Recruit