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Vassal of Grimhall

Words: Break the storm, steal its power.
Sigil: A standing black rock with a sapphire lightning bolt striking it, upon purple roiling oceanic landscape.
Nickname: Breakers

In 1006 with the authority of Duke Harald Grimhall by Count Turo Navegant; House Stormbreak was established to control the newly created Barony that was created out of a joint venture of Houses Grimhall and House Navegant.


Name Rank Title Description
Edward 1 Baron

Ruler: Edward

Minister Category Title
Sheena(RIP) Population Human Resources

Land Holdings


Description: Located in the far north of the Mourning Isles near the island of Escuma, the island named Whitefrost for its harsh winter climates was once populated by a tribe of Shav'arvani. The island itself is medium sized with its size comparable to that of Escuma or the slightly larger island of Darkwater Watch.

Geographically, the island has part of a small mountain chain that is part of an underwater range, that rises up and caps the north west of the island. Rolling hills surround the lands of the mountains chain and run the backbone of the island along the east and into the south. Heavy forested terrain takes up most of the flatland the island possesses and creates a majority of the island itself, with a thick river that cuts the island in half as it leads up towards the mountains.

Whitefrost was once inhabited by a native population of Shav'arvani that chose to depart the island instead of bending the knee. The island's first colony of Chelonii was established in mid-1006, in the flatlands on the north west coast of the island, made up of refugees and families fleeing Arx after the Siege of Arx and the defeat of the Silent Army.

Landmarks: In 1007 the city of Chelonii celebrated its faith with the completion of the city's marble lighthouse and shrine to Mangata, Goddess of the Air and Water. Standing tall at the end of a stone pier, the carved white lighthouse statue stands with her arms outstretched and her cupped hands holding a bright fire. Kept by a Disciple of Mangata the lighthouse serves as both a beacon and a shrine that beckons to sailors and lost travelers, bringing them home to safe harbor. Rumor has it that a piece of the flame lit by the Eternal Flame of Lagoma was added to the Lighthouse in 1008 as part of the Thrax Tour of the Isles. But that may just be rumor - or bragging on the part of a proud Disciple of Mangata.

In addition the Whitefrost Free House was built in honor of Gild in 1007 AR as part of the Pilgrimage Path. A large inn that will not turn away pilgrims without coin, but accepts all for any trade.

Trends: The young barony, built off of previously shav controlled lands, has seen a spike of growth. The amount of pilgrims trying the new Pilgrimage Path has made the land be disproportionately affected by religious fervor, and less Thraxian in nature due to the huge swath of travelers from the rest of the Compact relative to the smaller population of native Islanders.

Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.