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Words: "In service to Arvum."
Sigil: A skull wearing a crown on a field of purple.

Few know that Harrow is one of the oldest families in Arvum, if not the oldest of them all. It is said that a Harrow helped build the foundations upon which Arx is built. That even older still before the birth of the Compact, the first free human king was a Harrow. How they went from such lofty, royal heights to the commoner prodigals the family is more commonly known as these days is not as well known. But the vestiges of this heritage remain in the house sigil. The past five generations of Harrow's are often found where honest work in service of the Compact is to be found. Their small number toiling in oft-chosen obscurity up until recently.


Name Rank Title Description
Cufre 1 Head of House Third Born - The Harlequin
Skaldia 2 Voice Sixth Born - The Huntress
Amantha 3 Main Line Second Born - The Iron Maiden
Arion 3 Main Line Seventh Born - The Apothecary
Valarian 3 Main Line Fourth Born - The Black Sheep
Scipio 3 Main Line Fifth Born - The Godsworn
Kheun 4 Extended Family
Carmen 4 Extended Family
Leda 4 Extended Family
Konstantine 4 Extended Family
Wighard 4 Extended Family