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Words: "Swords must be tempered."
Sigil: A sword grasped in a dragon's claw.
Nickname: Prowess Knights, The Prow, The Prowess, The Prow's Teachers

Formally called "The School of Chivalric Virtue and Knightly Prowess" and referred to as 'The Prowess' for short, the Prowess is a school formed by a joint venture between the Valardin, the King's Own, the Knights of Solace and the Knights of the Temple. Dedicated to educating and training knights inspired by the example set by Lord Commander Dayne Valardin, it is a training school for molding Knights Aspirant in high-minded virtues and martial excellence.


Name Rank Title Description
Ectorion 1 Grandmaster
Holden 3 Senior Instructor
Minka(RIP) 9 Trustee
Santi 9 Trustee