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Vassal of Tyde

Words:"Rise above."
Sigil: White phoenix over a red sea.

A house nearly destroyed in the Tyde Rebellion, risen under new leadership looking to the future. Aiming to combine martial excellence with scholarly pursuits, they wish to improve themselves and the Compact so that all benefit. History - Thought to be utterly wiped out during the Tyde Rebellion, House RedTyde's lands were divided to others or left to go abandoned, until finally, almost two decades later, RedTyde has risen again under a handful of survivors brought back into the light. Thought to be dead, they work to forge a new land for their people, avoiding the mistakes of the past while still being loyal to their values and ideals. A combination of martial skills and scholarly interest, the house aims to be a welcoming atmosphere for all, with a forward-thinking attitude on issues like thralldom and other social problems that plague other houses. In RedTyde, they aim to be the voice of the present aimed toward a bright future, not echoes of a shattered past.


Name Rank Title Description
Fredrik 1 Count
Norah 3 Noble Family
Soren 8 Sworn Commoners

Ruler: Fredrik

Minister Category Title
Rosalie Income Minister of Finances
Alexandre(RIP) Warfare Minister of War

Land Holdings


Description: Redkeep, newly built seat of the County of RedTyde, is currently a very small domain. With some Prodigals in support of the County Seat, still there's a long way to go before Redkeep and its surrounding lands are developed into the strength to be what a County should be. And yet the people who work and live there are filled with hope and reinvigorated to join (or in many cases rejoin) the family that once ruled these same lands.