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Vassal of DiFidante

Words: "Nor shall darkness bar the way."
Sigil: On a white field, a double-headed raven with its wings spread, superimposed over a sun-in-splendour
Colors: Black, white, and gold
Nickname: Ravens

Description: Since the time of the Crownbreaker Wars, the Corvini have remained aloof and isolated. Known to have once inhabited lands on the eastern shores of Arvum, they broke off all contact with the houses of the Compact and fled to the far western reaches of the Lyceum. Their distance from all major Houses, coupled with the inhospitable nature of the rocky shores they claimed as home made it infeasible for their former lords to enforce their oaths. And thus, they became Abandoned. For the most part, the last three hundred years of their history remains unknown.

However, in the last few years, their land has grown even more inhospitable and the Corvini more desperate. With the need for expanded trade and the difficulty of gathering necessary resources, they were -- at last -- willing to rejoin the Compact.


Name Rank Title Description
Vasile 1 Count Count of Iasu
Rodica 3 Noble Family
Ilinca 3 Noble Family Countess of Iasu
Benvolio 3 Noble Family
Berto 4 Trusted House Servants
Sorina 4 Trusted House Servants
Eris 4 Trusted House Servants Sword of Iasu

Ruler: Vasile

Minister Category Title
Ilinca Income Privy Councillor (Exchequer)
Sorina Loyalty Privy Councillor (Steward)
Berto Productivity Privy Councillor (Chamberlain)
Vasile Warfare Privy Councilor (Earl Marshal)

Land Holdings


Description: Iasu is the seat of House Corvini and is located on the far western coast of the Lyceum, overlooking the Eventide Vast. The city itself is built into the side of a cliff, many of its features having been dug directly into its face. The base of the city stretches out along heavily-terraced slopes until it reaches the sheltered cove beneath, where a large harbor is situated. The city glistens white, the building walls painted with a white lime mortar to help purify rainwater, and virtually all of the rooftops are home to gardens of varying size.

Landmarks: The Great Road, Port Iasu, Empyrean Trade Route

The massive Shipyards of Iasu have been completed, turning the previously modest port into a major ship builder for the Lyceum.

The Iasu College has been established, to help train diplomats, customs officials, clerks and other administrators in logistics, organizational techniques, investigation methods.