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Words: "Supply what they demand and you can demand whatever you want."
Sigil: A chalice overflowing with gemstones.
Nickname: Velvets

Desc: House Champagne is a Crownsworn family composed of individuals that, while not necessarily blood-related, share common interests, success in the society of the Compact, and affection. Formed by Rook Grayward, Crown Minister of Coin and a Merchant Prince in his own right, and Yasmine Rovashani, a performer that has accrued substantial fame and acceptance despite her Prodigal background, the focus of the House is on nurturing and, some might say, spoiling those that ally themselves with them. House Champagne stands as proof that one doesn’t necessarily need a noble title to achieve outstanding prosperity within the Compact; just wits, talent, and a drive to succeed.


Name Rank Title Description
Yasmine 1 Head of Household Fabulous
Modi 2 Voice Retained Courtier; Yasmine's Protege
Rook 3 Family & Friends Splendiferous
Orchid 3 Family & Friends
Miraj 3 Family & Friends
Nicia(RIP) 4 Staff Legal Counsel
Harlex 4 Staff House Sellsword