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Words: On bent knee we swore, On wings we soar
Sigil: A sword pointing downwards with draconic wings sprouting from it

For as long as anyone can remember, the Morgans have been synonymous with service to House Valardin. For centuries, the commonborn members of the Morgan family have served the Valardins as knights, guardsmen, stewards, ministers, advisors, and much more, their loyalty and honor unflagging. The family is also known for their devotion to the Faith, particularly the Oathlands Orthodoxy, and are felt to hold a quiet affection for Limerance in particular; none respect the weight and importance of oaths and vows, after all, then those with the deepest, oldest roots in the Oathlands.

Most of the Morgans grow into service of House Valardin, but after so many generations, there are also those who carve out different paths for themselves. But even then, the imprint of their family name is often still seen in their actions.


Name Rank Title Description
Holden 1 The Most Responsible The Knight
Aleksei 2 Generally Reliable The Black Sheep
Briseis 3 Family The Investigator
Warrick 3 Family The Unluckiest
Katarzyna 3 Family The Healer
Amanda 3 Family The Whisper
Xandrine 3 Family