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Vassal of Darkwater

Words: "They sicken of the calm who know the storm.”
Sigil: A black ship sailing on a crimson sea, crested by a golden star.
Nickname: Lodestars

House Stormblood, formerly the abandoned House Carideo, was established in 1014 AR by its last living scion, Baroness Scylla Stormblood, when she bent the knee to Countess Carita Darkwater of The Compact. Little is known about the erstwhile ruling family, save for what has been publicly released by the current baroness. Her personal account details a five year period wherein she served aboard a Blackshore merchant vessel, The Black Tide, under Lord Aedric Blackshore’s captaincy after he discovered her body amid the remains of a broken rowboat at sea. Having lost all her memories as a result of this apparent shipwreck, it would be several years before she and select members of House Blackshore would make an attempt to discover her land of origin. What follows is a summarized recounting of events as described by the citizens of Tresova:

Luciana and Caius, the adult offspring of the ruling heads of house, were believed to be lost at sea during a routine diplomatic assignment with a neighboring domain. It is due to their untimely deaths that Livio and Nora Carideo succumbed to a deep and implacable depression that rendered them incapable of carrying out their sovereign duties. Having surrounded themselves with scheming, corruptible advisors, Tresova’s governing body descended into a state of chaos from which several individuals vying for control over the domain emerged. After a long lasting and violent political struggle, a dominant contender seized control of Bloodstone Keep and began to eliminate competition by any means necessary, going so far as to murder the weakened rulers in cold blood, imprison their extended relatives and former rivals, and instituting laws that would ensure his claim could not be contested. On the day that Scylla and her Blackshore retinue made landfall, Tresova had been ruled by this usurper for two years, during which time famine and callous tyranny resulted in a dwindling of the oppressed population to half its former size, and necessitated the abandonment of outlying farms and rural villages.

It was during this expedition that Scylla discovered she was once Luciana Carideo, the last living heiress. After deposing the false leader and his few loyalist subjects, Scylla, with the help of her allies, set about the task of rehabilitating the populace, providing what necessities they could from their fleet’s stores to temporarily sustain them. She returned to Arx with the singular goal of acquiring a long-term solution for uplifting her people out of poverty and despair. With her relatives freed from their protracted imprisonment, the prodigal Baroness united the family under the surname Stormblood, so named for their resilience to that long, arduous period of pestilence and strife, and their unified perseverance through what struggles lay ahead.


Name Rank Title Description
Scylla 1 Baroness Baroness of Tresova
Romulius 3 Noble Family Prince of Thrax
Aedric 6 Ally Voice of Blackshore
Carita 6 Ally Countess of Darkwater Watch
Dycard 6 Ally Lord of Blackshore
Ethan 6 Ally Magistrate of Blackshore