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Vassal of Velenosa

Words: "Glitter greater than gold."
Sigil: A golden coin with the entwined circles of the Pantheon.
Nickname: Gilds.

An old but small house from the lowest rung of the nobility, House Gilden has controlled the modest Barony of Caith for generations. While the House Gilden's holdings are as every bit as modest as most baronies are compared to the great houses, they still possess all the privileges of their rank and are positioned to carve a greater position for themselves among the Lyceum and the Peerage of Arvum as a whole.


Name Rank Title Description
Ysabel 1 Ruling Baroness Baroness of Caith
Isabetta 3 Noble Family Voice of Caith - Minister of Population
Lucene 3 Noble Family House Sword
Armani 3 Noble Family Minister of Warfare - Admiral of Caith
Vittorio 3 Noble Family Minister of Income
Tibaltus 6 Affiliated Commoners Minister of Loyalty
Aria 7 Traveling Lady of Caith
Arya 7 Traveling Lady of Caith
Ishmael 7 Traveling Minister of Upkeep
Alessandra 9 Missing Former Baroness - Presumed Dead

Ruler: Ysabel

Minister Category Title
Vittorio Income None
Armani Warfare None
Isabetta Population None
Ishmael Upkeep None

Land Holdings


Description: The Barony of Caith, located on the southeast coast of Arvum, covers roughly 75 square miles after recently expanding its holdings. The walled town of Caith itself has a busy trade port on its coast and within its heart lies the Baronial manor. Caith has long been a barony of dichotomy; a seamless blend of bucolic charm and subtle elegance. It is a barony of rolling hills, beautiful orchards, fields of golden wheat and numerous gold mines that lie within its borders. The town of Caith itself is certainly the most populated, the rest of the barony dotted with smaller villages and hamlets.

The citizens of Caith are hardworking, with the majority of them involved in the mining and agriculture that drives the Caith economy. They are known for their personal pride and it shows in the products that are produced and exported.

The barony is well-known for the quality of its orchard produced fruits(apples, oranges, cherries, peaches, pears and lemons), as well as Gilden Honey; a bonus product from all the apiary's kept for orchard pollination.

In addition to the fruit and honey, many produced alcoholic beverages are gaining reputation. Fruit brandies, hard cider and a honey mead have found there way more recently into their exports.

Recently, some of the lands around the city-state have been expanded and are currently being controlled by House Gilden Forces. The barony is also looking to expand its port to further its trade ambitions to the Lyceum's benefit.